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Awakening of the Land

Before civilization existed, before people roamed the world, even before the gods had put their touch on the land, the land was empty. There was no difference between land or water. No trees or mountains, not even a sky to look at. But there was something. In the vast empty, spirits dwelled. Flying around each other, swimming through the void.   The spirits grew and changed, primal energy flowing freely now. Finding ways to make the void different. Ké was the first to change, settling deep within the void, spreading out far and wide in what they called land. Jar was next, going in the opposite direction, spreading out far above Ke's land, giving the world sky. But Jar was not done, colour changed and some time later changed again. Jar brought day and Jar brought night.   After Ké and Jar were finished, Von followed suit. Splitting the land Ké had created, making liquid form from the sky, creating water that fills the cracks. But the land Ké had created was not done being changed and neither was the sky from Jar. Ren burrowed deep within the land, pushing it out to meet Rin, who gathered the water in the air, forming it into clouds that could meet Ren, forming mountains and weather.   Lastly Sho came from the void, small and shy, but magnificent nontheless. The spirit touched the land from Ké, the mountains from Ren and the water from Von, leaving vegetation in their wake.
— Druidic world origin story


This version is a druidic version of the creation myth. Telling how the world was created by nature spirits who used their primal energy to create various features on the earth.   Different druidic circles might have slight variations, such as the names of the spirits or who created what. Some variations include the creation of animals and humans by other spirits while others have more details about the underground. There are even some that include subjects like fire, magma or the different ores.

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Cover image: by Eallixy using Artbreeder


Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance.

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4 Feb, 2021 02:08

This is a really nice creation myth. I like how you specify it is the druidic version of the tale.

4 Feb, 2021 12:44

Thank you! I haven't figured out what the real creation story is, yet, so writing something from one specific perspective was a bit easier :)

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