The World Egg

The creation myth of The Grey Nest faith, who are very excited about the Emergence from the Great Shell - the veil between worlds.

The World Egg is a creation story originating from Ol'Mire in the realm of Peior and is tied to the religious beliefs of The Grey Nest. Instead of worshipping a deity or pantheon, they believe in the World Egg. This faith is predominantly followed by ardeans and manavaxians, among other egg-laying folks.   They believe that the world is an egg that's about to hatch, and the devastating events of The Rupture fifty years ago only solidified their beliefs - they claim that the rifts are actually the puncture marks of The Great Shell.  


Before The Rupture, the plane of Peior was isolated and had no contact with Melior or other folks beyond the rifts - they had no idea that another world or other realms existed. For many it was a sign of The Emergence (as foretold in the ancient religious texts of The Grey Nest), but for others they started to question their faith as this did not align with the original story, which did not include the existence of other folks beyond The Great Shell. With the new connection to Melior this felt to them more like a merging of worlds, not an emergence into something bigger.   Devout followers argue that The Emergence is into Melior, and that more rifts should be opened up somehow to chip away at The Great Shell - the veil between worlds. Some theorise that the discovery of other planes of existence indicate that there is more than one world egg, and that we are all hatchlings ready to emerge into the universal nest.
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12 Dec, 2020 12:41

This is such an interesting myth - I love that some are beginning to question it because things don't line up, whilst others are doubling down on their beliefs. Very much true to the real world.

2 Oct, 2021 12:40

Thank youuu!

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
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5 Jan, 2021 02:36

This needs to be expandedddd! It sounds like such an interesting concept!

2 Oct, 2021 12:41

I have expanded a smol amount! Gib questions and I will expand moar! <3

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
I also make worldbuilding resources!
6 Oct, 2021 00:05

So, what did they think was outside the Great Shell before the rupture happened? Did they have theories? which ones were the leading ones? Who laid the world egg? Was it a god or the most mahoosive chicken in the universe? A chicken god? Which Ol'mire folks followed this religion? in which countries?

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