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The Creation of Oblinostra

In the beginning, there was nothing but the Weave, the source of all magic. Out of that magic Toaa was created. Over millennia, Toaa had come to master the manipulation of the Weave. With this mastery Toaa made the Cosmos. Within the Cosmos, Toaa created the world of Oblinostra. In Oblinostra Toaa tested its abilities with the creation of solid earth, thus creating the mountains. Next, Toaa created the oceans. When this was completed, Toaa created life to populate the world. Toaa created life that would have the ability to manipulate the Weave as it had done. These beings it created then went on change the world to their will, even creating life of their own in the form of Dragons. As time had passed, the beings created by Toaa had become wrathful, and jealous of each other. Each used the Dragons to wage war against the other. Toaa, then imprisoned its children within a mountain, allowing the Dragons to continue to live. Toaa then attempted a second time and created new children. These children went on create as well. They created the Leviathans. Just as those before, they had used their creations to wage war as well, even using them to attack the Dragons. Toaa, imprisoned these children within the mountain as well. Toaa also bound the Leviathans to the sea so as to prevent the two species from killing each other. Toaa attempted again to create better children. Just as before, the children created life as well. They created the Giants. However, unlike before, rather than use their creations for war, they used their creations as slaves. Toaa again corrected this by imprisoning his children again. He also altered the Giants so they would have a newfound ability to protect themselves and never be slaves again. Again Toaa created life. These children did not wage war against each other or take slaves. Rather, they created life, Devils that would grant them the ability to conquer the Dragons, Leviathans, and Giants. Toaa intervened and imprisoned his children again. However, Toaa saw the Devils as too evil to allow to wander freely amongst the other life. He condemned them to another plane in which they could not harm the other creations. Once more, Toaa created life. Just as the previous generations had, these children created life. They created Celestial beings. All was good. But these children had come to learn of their brothers and sisters imprisoned within a mountain and they worked to free them. In doing so the corruption of the previous generations had leaked into the world. Toaa enlisted the Celestial beings' assistance in calming and soothing its children. Each generation of children had been separated and granted freedom. In exchange for their assistance, Toaa had created a heavenly plane for the Celestial beings to be free from any corruption. Toaa then created life once more, this time, in the form of animals that would have no ability to manipulate the Weave. Much time passed and Toaa refrained from any further actions as the world was at peace. His children then once again created life on a much less grand scale. Each generation had created their own stories and most became worshipped as Gods to their creations, many never hearing the true origins of everything.

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