Songs of Creation

The Songs of Creation is an old elven myth, about the birth of the world, their pantheon and Estia. It has been put to many tunes over the years, and you can hear it often hummed by Elves deep in thought.  

The Song

In Common
From the dark and empty mist,
A voice rang out a note so long,
Light sprang forth from the abyss,
But no one heard the song.

  From the lonely and empty hall,
A voice rang out a note forlorn,
Life sprang forth at the call,
The first who heard the song.

  From the bright and holy place,
A voice rang out a note in praise,
Worlds sprang forth to embrace,
Those who heard the song.

  From the cold and watery plane,
A voice rang out a note of life,
Fae sprang forth necks in crane,
For all had heard the song.

  From the first soul who create all,
The voice rings out no more,
For creation now has heard his call,
And repeats his song forevermore.
In Elvish
Tuulo i mori abeyu
I uma kotona hisae
Sila tule tuulo mandu
nan numa tene o'fae

  Tuulo ereba marde
I uma ney amoro
Livien tule a norarae
Yeste numa tene o'fae

  Tuulo tiri aina amen
I uma lei leita
Palurin tule a moren
Fui numa tene o'fae

  Tuulo ahway alu ear
I uma ney bela
Fae tule allena lear
Ilya numa tene o'fae

  Tuulo yestelo illonta
I uma nan numa
Ontasii tene ohala
Ar' tatya ho o'fae ner


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11 Dec, 2020 17:46

This is the first time, I've seen a poem in this challenge. The 8877 rhythm is strangely mysterious. It would be nice if it was arranged into a real song.

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
11 Dec, 2020 19:41

I am *definitely* not a song writer, but I think that's a worthy challenge.

13 Dec, 2020 00:44

What a lovely poem. Thanks for sharing and for putting a creative spin on this challenge!

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