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Creation of the Planes

The many cultures of Calas each recount many conflicting myths of the creation and nature of the world; but all seem to agree on this myth in most regards.

Elemental Planes & The Material

The universe originally only existed as the Elemental Chaos, an all-encompassing writhing mass of unstable elemental energy. The Chaos was all that existed for untold eons until the Xeun, the creator of the universe, seperated the chaos into the Planes.

The Xeun seperated The Chaos into the four fundamental elements, and contained each within its own plane. The Material Plane was created, directly in the center of them all, as the anchor for the other four planes, in perfect balance of the elements as it intersects them all.

Life & Afterlife

Life was born from the sparks of magic created by intersections of the Planes, forming first on the Material, and later appearing in forms more suited towards extreme conditions in the Elemental Planes

This is the point where stories diverge across different Cultures of Calas. This is the tale taught by the Church of Skoria

Planes Of Good & Evil

The Xeun imbued a portion its incredible power in its sons , the first three beings, creating the High Celestials to be the keepers of its creation. This power shaped the Celestials into powerful beings, with godlike powers in their own right

Each of these keepers were given a kingdom to rule, a realm all their own. Once each was given a kingdom, the three sons came to their creator seeking a population to rule. The Xeun, having expended too much energy to create three kingdoms for its sons, decided these realms would serve as the afterlifes for mortal beings.

  Over time, as the brothers fueded, the elder two began to give in to their lust for power, and began battling eachother for supremacy. As they fought, their forms began to become monstrous, reflecting their corrupted spirits. Warping the realm of the eldest brother into The Abyss and the realm of the middle brother into the Underworld.
The divinity shed as the elder brothers forms warped was absorbed into the youngest brother and his kingdom, granting him the power to intervene in his once stronger brother's conflict and evolving his kingdom into the Realm of the Celestials

Ethereal Plane
The Xeun looked upon the realms of it's son's and decided that something needed to be done for the souls not under their dominions, to keep them from being taken and used as soldiers against their will. It then created the Ethereal Plane as a place for souls to transition into their afterlives, as a place for souls that none of the brothers rightful claim over to reside permanently, and as a neutral place where the brothers could meet in hopes that their feuding could be brough to an end.

Astral Sea & The Dreaming Creator

After all of these creations, The Xeun grew tired, and so slumbered in the remenants of the Elemental Chaos. During this slumber the dreams of The Xeun began to be born into reality, through the Astral Sea, said to be the mind of The Xeun itself.

So it remains, The Xeun still slumbers, and with each of its dreams a new potential is released into the world. Whether it be a new star in the universe igniting, a new creature being born, or a new magic being cast, all creation is merely an aspect of the dreaming being

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