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Church of Skoria

A cultural and political juggernaut that serves as the core of the faith for Xenoas.  
  • Worshiping the Sceocian Pantheon; the church bases their operations in the now Holy State of Skoria, believed to be the place of the pantheon's ascension
  • The Church originally controlled the entirety of the Islands of Kefsos; however after the worship of Stran evolved into the druidic circles there was a split in the islands with the church unable to reclaim the western half of their former territory, resulting in the creation of The Wilds of Strania
Religious, Holy Order

Tenuous Peace

  • The Church controlling nearly all holy magic and working to supress druidic magic goes directly against The Sanctum's goals of collecting magical knowledge. This has lead to many conflicts in the past; although, due to their influence and power, most conflicts have been dealt with via political moves and proxy wars
  • The Sanctum most recently come into conflict with the church by repelling a celestial force, which is a policy the church opposes as they believe they are inherently benevolent
  • They have been known to collaborate on occasion, although only under dire circumstances, such as to repel infernal or abyssal invaders

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