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Sceocian Pantheon

The third and fourth generations of divine beings, created by Sceos and deified by the Church of Skoria  

Divine Hierarchy

First Generation


The highest being in Xenoas, who used their power to shape the planes from the elemental Chaos. Father of Sceos, Selvol, and Soketh

Second Generation

The Three Brothers

Sceos, Selvol, and Soketh. The first beings to be created by Xeun, each rules a domain that serves as an afterlife for mortal souls.

  • Sceos- Lord of the Celestials and their realm
    • Worshipped by lesser Celestials as the god of protection, battle, victory, and royalty
  • Selvol-Lord of the Underworld
  • Soketh-Lord of the Abyss

Third Generation

Created by Sceos and residing in his realm, this is the group worshipped by the mortals of Calas. Each has a unique set of divine domains, powers, and symbols.

  • Inili-Lord of mountains, borders, and graves
  • Xyllu-Lady of storms and oceans
  • Stran-Lord of wilds, nature, and druids
  • Idaedi-Lord of souls, judgement, fate and truth
  • Ulin-Lord of the Sun, day, fire, and fatherhood
  • Aulla-Lady of the Moon, night, and motherhood
  • Osela-Lady of the Stars, artists, dreams, oracles, and prophecies
  • Erykai-Lady of knowledge, money, and tricksters

Fourth Generation

The first generation of celestials to be born rather than created, the children of the previous generations. Power and importance of divine domain determines whether or not they are worshipped as part of the main pantheon, in individual cults, or by their parents' followers

  • Udar-Lord of dawn
  • Osses-Lord of dusk
  • Theron-Lord of rivers, streams, and merchants
  • Korr-Lord of agriculture, hunting, and abundance
  • Neazol-Lady of Winter, ice, snow, and wind
Religious, Pantheon
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