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Created by Sceos in his image of perfection, Celestials are the guardians of Calas against the forces of the abyss and underworld, and are worshipped as gods by the mortals of Calas



Celestials have three forms:

  • True Form

Celestials are beings comprised soley of magical energy, and their true form reflects this fact. This form is often incomprehensibly large and bright, and radiates out huge levels of energy.

  • Physical Form

Due the sheer amount of energy it radiates, the true form of a celestial is incapable of existing on the material plane for long periods of time. As a result, Celestials that choose to appear on the material plane take up a physical form. Although these forms can take any shape, most Celestials will choose to take up the shape of a humanoid being of light.

  • Domain Forms

Celestials that have gained a divine domain gain unique true forms reflecting their associated powers.

Notable Abilities

Inherent Spellcasting

As beings of pure magical energy, Celestials are capable of performing feats of spellcasting that far exceed what most mortal spellcasters are capable of.

Divine Presence

The divine energy that Celestials radiate weakens the infernal beings from the abyss and underworld, with prolonged exposure capable of causing severe damage

Divine Magic

Due to their divine nature and their affinity for magic, Celestials are able to access their own divine power as fuel for their magic, allowing them to cast spells that arcane magic cannot reproduce

Divine Gift

Celestials have the ability to gift a portion of their power to other beings, allowing the being to access a portion of the Celestial's immense power and allowing mortals to cast divine magic; although this can easily overwhelm the caster due to the inefficiency of their body in channeling such raw power.


Powerful Celestials can rise to a power akin to godhood. When these celestials are diefied, they gain divine domians: aspects of existence that they hold power over and gain power from.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Although they can traverse the planes fairly easily, most Celestials will choose to remain in their realm. Those that do appear on the material plane tend to wander, out of the desire to observe the mortal species of Calas.

Average Intelligence

Above average human intelligence

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations


After seeing the fighting of his brothers, Sceos attempted to improve on the work of Xeun. Sceos set about creating the Celestials, following the mold of Xeun's High Celestials, to defend Xeun's creations from his brothers.

During the Convergence, the material plane became a battlefield for the celestial and infernal armies causing mass destruction, and the creation of the Celestial Wastes. Upon seeing the destruction caused by their battle, a group of powerful Celestials used their abilities to gift a portion of their power to a group of mortals as reparations.

These mortals began to worship the Celestials that gave them their power, becoming the Church of Skoria; and deifing the Celestials, raising them to become the Sceocian Pantheon. Over time as the church grew, more cults were created, causing more Celestials to ascend in this manner, although none have risen to the same level of power.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
Physical Form varies case by case. True and Godly Forms are often incomprehensibly large
Average Physique
Physical form varies case by case, but on average they will take a very athletic humanoid form
Related Organizations

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