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The Largest Continent of Xenoas  

Five Nations

The New Empire of Illis

Existing in the continent's central valleys, The New Empire grew out of the Ruins of the fallen capital of Illis, the first human empire. The New Empire has grown into a powerful military force and center of commerce and has been in near-constant conflict with The Kingdom of Ashek over who the rightful inheritor of the original empire's territory is.

The Kingdom of Ashek

Bordering Illis and stretching to the Eastern Coast, Ashek, much like New Illis, grew out of the old Illisian Empire; however, Ashek grew out of a far eastern territory rather than the empire's capital. The coastal location allowed for Ashek to become an influential trade power, with a culture more diverse than any other nation of Calus. They have been in near-constant conflict with The New Illisian Empire over who is the rightful inheritor of the original empire's territory.

The Kingdom of Salvas

Stretching from the Western Coast to the borders of Illis and Trombekia. A powerful Naval force and trade empire, Salvas has expanded from a city-state in the port of Alure to one of the most powerful nations in Calus; due in large part to an alliance with the Undersea Kingdoms of Alure.

The Kingdom of Trombekia

-In the South bordering Salvas and Illis. A largely mountainous kingdom with one of the highest nonhuman populations of any nation of Calus. Their Proximity to both Salvas, the Grand Sanctums, as well as their gate to the Plane of Earth, has made them one of the foremost providers of both magical and nonmagical resources on the continent. These resources, combined with their large population of dwarven craftsmen have made them the largest creator of magical items in Calus

United Tribes of Schluwia

In the far Northeast, isolated from the other kingdoms by the Celestial Wastes, the United Tribes are the smallest nation. Due to their Isolation The Tribes aren't very influential in international affairs. They are mostly known as a strong military power and a source of skilled mercenaries and as such are mostly left alone by attackers

Other Powers

Undersea Kingdoms of Alure

The Great Sanctum

Church of Skoria


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