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The Creation of the World of Cartyrion

Ages ago, the Creator of Worlds - as he had done countless times before and would do countless times again - reached out his hands into the void. He willed to his fingertips bits of essence from each of the Elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light, and Darkness. He shaped those bits of essence, putting each in its proper place, and when he was done, Cartyrion was born. The Creator of Worlds then pulled back his hands and, pondering his work proclaimed… Meh… It’ll do.


The tale of the creation of the World of Cartyrion itself is a simple one, and is a tale that can no doubt be repeated on countless other worlds in the universe. Cartyrion, like myriad other worlds, was fashioned out of the stuff of the Primal Energies by a being known simply as "The Creator of Worlds". This being is universally regarded by all the Folk of Cartyrion as the greatest by far of all the Astralar despite not being worshipped by any - at least not in the usual sense. (This is because the Creator of Worlds did not linger at Cartyrion. After shaping the world, the creator moved on and hence is beyond access to any who would pray for blessings or favors.)

When this tale is told or taught to the young of each race of the Folk on Cartyrion, it is never recounted by itself. This tale, common to all the races, is immediately followed by a tale telling how the Astralar responsible for that particular race's Awakening came to Cartyrion and brought them about.

Historical Basis

The World of Cartyrion is a world of magic that depends on the ebb and flow of the Primal Energies. There is no reason for any of the Folk (or even any of the Astralar) to doubt that the tale as told is historical fact.


The tale written above is told by the sages and priests of every race of the Folk on Cartyrion - practically word for word. All agree that the Creator of Worlds is the progenitor of the world itself even as each race holds its own set of lesser Astralar in deific regard for their own existence.
Date of First Recording
20,853 years ago, when the Elves first recorded it after their Awakening
Date of Setting
21,477 years ago


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