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The Book of the Black Library

This ancient myth tells of an old tale, long forgotten. It tells the story of a power-hungry wizard named Darrik Tomeseeker, and his quest for power. He and his brother fendell were powerful mages seeking knowledge for the Ancient Scholars guild, which they were both members of. Their adventures led them deep into the earth, where they found an enormous library hidden in a vast and deadly system of tunnels.   Using a staff they found, whilst the tunnels threw hordes of monsters in their directions, they unlocked the door of the library and inside they found a single book. The Book of the Black library rose off its stand with intent before its pages burst open, projecting pages of boundless secrets. Darrick and Fendell escaped the tunnels and reached the surface unharmed, with the book in hand. Each began to justify why they should bring the book to the Ancient scholar's guild, and receive the praise, and debate turned to fierce quarrel, resulting in a great duel in which Fendell eventually triumphed, leaving his brother for dead by the tunnel's entrance. He returned the book to the guild, informing them of Darrik's tragic passing in the tunnels, and whilst sceptical, the other members were extremely satisfied with the acquisition, and Darrik's disappearance was brushed under the pages.   Whilst the members analysed the pages to discover its ancient secrets, Darrik lay there lifeless, yet untarnished. A burgeoning hatred contained within his matter prevented it from decay. This drew the attention of a powerful spirit who returned Darrik to life for the purpose of revenge, and destruction. With his second chance, he swore to find the book, and use it to destroy the guild, and all it stands for.  
"There is no truth to it, neither Darrik nor fendell were ever members of the guild."
-Cedrick Mink- Council member of Ancient scholars guild
"They say the Ancient Scholars guild is so scared of the Black librarian, that they have to move headquarters multiple times a moon."
-Graham Groggington- Innkeeper
"It was my favorite story as a child, but the ending was always so unsatisfying, i so wish that darrik exacted his plans and retrieved the book, no mortal deserves to wield a book like that." -Alyse -Student at the Manaweaver Academy
"I always loved the powerful duel between the wizards, i imagined myself far away, watching the colours paint the sky, as the two clashed in intellect and power."

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