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One World

by hughpierre


There had already been four worlds, four suns, each set in motion by its own "Sun Lord"; and every one destroyed. First by fire, the next by floods, then by winds and the final by earth.   To form the fifth sun, Lords of Sustenance and Fire had chosen the Crippled One: Nanahuatl, weakest of the Gods, sickly and covered in sores, to form a new world. While the Lords of Rain and the Four Quarters had chosen Tecciztecatl. Both had fasted and spilt their bloods to cleanse themselves.   Nanahuatl had none but cactus thorns to bleed on and fir branches to paint his offerings. Meanwhile, Tecciztecatl used brilliant jade spines and quetzal feathers for his blood offerings. When the time had come, a great bon fire had roared high but Tecciztecatl had balked four times. The humble Nanahuatl was painted chalky white and feathered, and without stall, threw himself onto the flames.   A burnt eagle swooped over the fire and carried him into the sky. Once there, Lord and Lady Sustenance bathed him, set him on a feathers throne and wrapped a red band around his head. Shamed, Tecciztecatl threw himself into what was left of the fire: cooling ashes. A jaguar entered the fire pit too, but couldn't carry Tecciztecatl into the sky.   When he reached the horizon, a gaggle of goddesses dressed him in rags. But being much more prideful, he still shone just as brightly as Nanahuatl. Infuriated by this, one of the gods picked up a rabbit and tossed it in his face; smashing the second sun into smaller bodies and dimming his light.   The new Lord Sun shone for 4 days straight without moving through the sky like the previous suns had done. Back in their homes, the other gods sent an obsidian bird to ask what was wrong. Lord Sun replied that he had sacrificed himself to become the sun, but he now needed the nourishing blood of the other gods to move through this sky.   In response, Lord Dawn shot an arrow at the sun, who in turn shot a quetzal-feathered arrow into dawn's face; which turned him into frost. Before anyone else could act rashly, the other gods turn to each other to discuss what to do. Of course; no one had wanted to sacrifice themselves, but nor did they want to be punished like Dawn or shamed like Tecciztecatl.   So, five others had approached Lord Death bare-breasted to be stabbed with an obsidian knife and offer their bodies to the new sun. In so doing, the fifth age came to being.

Historical Basis


The "One World" is a description of how the Sang view the world; and their place in it.
Violet Sun
The "One World" explains the sun's displays brilliant but unsettling rays as being the remnant effects of Nanahuatl's soars.
The Moons
The "One World" explains the fractured red and blue satellites that are seen overhead as being the remains of the formally proud and rich Tecciztecatl.


Warg Migration

The warg migration started as a trickle. With successive waves crossing the Merrows‌ and following the trails through to the shadow plain‌.   Beron‌ and Nidae‌ families in the first wave tentatively set up rough spurn tents to house small groups on the shores dark soil. And by them, the tale of the "One World" first entered the valley.   Other peoples heard it, but none were very interested.

Variations & Mutation

River Monster

One of the spoils of war the River Toiks took back home since fighting the Sang in the Cocao War was their description of Quetzalcoatl. The toiks related the great serpent with their own mighty river and created an evil demon snake that lived in its depths to disway travel north to sauoomsae.

In Literature

Chīhua and cuīcapixqui, Temachtiani and Tahtli are well known for changing local stories to fit their needs or the needs of their patrons. For places like the strategic and tributary provinces, their services are employed to adapt the myth in order to justify secession.    For example, the traditional interpretation says that the gods had to sacrifice themselves and contribute to the collective well being, thus justifying the empire's tributary system. Alternatively, a storyteller would change the message to the inherent strength
of the commoner class over the noble suppressors. Citizens in the market cities particularly like an interpretation of the previously weak gods take hold of the other panteon of gods to fit into his will.

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