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Recollections on the Sauoomsae


The purpose of this written narrative is to chronicle the events surrounding the two year Sauoomsae Expedition. It was authored by the voyage's apprenticed scribe, the master chronicler having died on the return journey.

Document Structure


The content of the recollections is divided by notable sections travelled on the river as recalled by Carem; with each section further subdivided into testimonials from those who crewed the canoes and explored places he did not.

Publication Status

Before the journey's start, it was proclaimed that the initial findings and samples brought back to the College were to be made available for public discourse and viewing. However, once the actual discovery was made; this notion was discarded because it was feared that the community would discourage future explorations.

Historical Details


The five boats were commissioned and launched after the victorious conclusion of the Cocao War.   The principles which led to the Sun Pillars created fantastic defensive planning and the taming of Terror Birds birthed envious offensive capabilities. As a result, it was seen that expanding the College's knowledge base was necessary in staying ahead of its rivals. So, an endeavour was begun to search for new resources, new trade ties and begin mapping the river banks.


The writing of this document was never really planned. Originally, the scribe would have recorded the mundane life of the captains, crews and attached surveyors for posterity; and occasionally assist the attached Masters and their staff.   But when disaster struck and all the masters' findings and recordings were lost; Carem transcribed as best he could remember the notable happenings once he was safely back in Tlopetla Mountain.

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