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Shadow Plain

by hughpierre
This is an area is where groups of a primitive people tie their homes together from living plant matter and from which adventurers sally to raid and plunder.


The plain is a mesa possessing an ecology that is hidden from the rest. It is overrun with vine trees and overshadowed by surrounding summits. The land sits as a notch among the summering heights in the Northern Range and where the sun is able to shine across to break through the range's shadow on the other side.   A unique feature of the forest itself is that it contains a certain artificial element to the landscape. The growth of vine trees can be very easily manipulated and they form the basis of the overall ecology. Warg folks tied the vine growth into homes and as pieces of art. In either case, vine trunks are fashioned into complicated patterns and excess branches are pruned by locals which makes the forest look as though it were some vast hall, with the trunks as pillars and the forest canopy, some shadowy roof.   For all the difficulty in traversing the rest of the Range, the plain is far easier to cross thanks to modest paths cleared by the Sang who used to live there and the Nidae who continue to maintain them. However, trade continues to be disturbed from the occasional Taulli breach of the Beron shield.

Fauna & Flora

Vine Tree: A fleshy vine that starts life strapped to a tall structure or tree and grows along the branches. Its weight eventually causes it to collapse and appear as a truck leaning against its host tree with the host tree's branches wrapped around it.   This plant circles the deathpool and provides the shade after which the shadow plain is named.   Shadow Cat: Large felines with dark, thick, stripped fur. Shadowcats have sharp curved front teeth, lashing tails and sharp, permanently detracted claws. They are the smallest of the great cats but also the most furious: being more willing to attack man.

Natural Resources

Green Salt: Harvesting green salt requires scrapping the deathpool's lake bed. A dangerous proposition but worthwhile for some since this salt exhibit remarkable healing properties.   Wildlife Trade: A list of products can be derived from non-domesticated animals or plants usually extracted from their natural environment or raised under controlled conditions. It involves the trade of living or dead tissues such as skins, bones meats or other products.   Toxins: Venoms, poisons and certain plant extracts are highly sought after. Of particular note, is the deathly water from the Deathpool.


Warg Territories

Beron Lake Coast
The beron home hugs the Deathpool shores and contorts along its curved outline for a portion of the vine forest.
Leggi Overlook
An idyllic oceanfront territory squashed between the beron coast way, the Palhiss summit and the Nidae's greater interior.
Nidae Forest Clearings
A landlocked zone full of spread out Nidae groups.
Sang Grade
The former parcel of land home to the immigrant Sang that bordered Claw Marks. It is still fairly forested and is now divided between the beron and nidae. The area faces the direction of the valley basin on an easy declining slope.

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Cover image: Covered Forest by Bryan Adams


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