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The Draconic Creation Myth

Eons ago, before mortals or gods. Before spirits or demons. Before the first tree sprouted; there was Aurendil, the First Dragon. She laid claim upon all of the realms and held them all with a dragons greed. As the other gods appeared she subjugated them as she grew jealous and afraid of losing her domain. With hatred and flames all beings were enslaved. Her children however, untouched by her wrath but left with nothing saw the callous deeds of Aurendil and could watch no longer.   The six Divine Dragons: Bahamut the Great Platinum. Tiamat the Tyrant Wyrm. Vorajuk the Eternal Ember. Festus the Winter Dragon. Anarakís the Stone Drake. Chulacuatl the Feathered Serpent. Angalax the Black.   The Six Divine dragons banding together to take down Aurendil, the First Dragon and mother of all dragons. After countless nights of constant battle across the stars the dragons finally slayed Aurendil. Freeing the realms of her rule, granting them the ability to thrive and flourish on their own.   Aurendil was slain in the mortal realm as the first being to be born and the first being to die. Using the body of the First Dragon the Six Divines formed the earth from her flesh. Her blood filled the oceans and the rivers. With her scales the mountains were formed and the stones were made of her bones. The last of her fire was placed deep under the earth in the middle of this new world, the flames that once would bring suffering would now bring life as it heated up the cold world that had been created.   The heart of Aurendil however was too strong as it was still beating with the desire to rule and hold power over all life. The Six Divines deemed the heart too powerful for any of them to possess. The heart was then shattered and the shards spread throughout the land and the Six all left the mortal realm so that none should hold the power of the heart of Aurendil. All of the Six Dragons agreed that this was how it should be.   All of them except Angalax the Black. Who never stopped searching for the shards, searching for a way in for he believed as the oldest of the dragons he should inherit the power.

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