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Grakkal's Gate

Grakkal's Gate is a massive hole in the ocean caused by The Pulse. When the four pulses spread across the globe they weakened in strength the further they got from their source in West Eghea. Except for the location where the waves met. The force of the pulses colliding with one another caused an entire island to disappear. All that was left was a gaping hole in the ocean.
Grakkal's Gate is incomparable to anything I have seen before. But as much as it fascinates me, it also frightens me. The noise of countless amounts of seawater plummeting into unknown depths is nothing compared to the pull of the currents on our ships. I don't think anyone had a good night's sleep until we had our feet firmly on soil again.
— Excerpt from Grakkal's Gate and Beyond by Jareb Bonavine

Mystery and Danger

The stories about Grakkal's Gate are widespread. From its unusual origin, to the mystery of why it never fills up. It even has its own guardian in the form of Grakkal, a huge sea creature that according to some is mere myth, while others claim it to be as real as a Black Shark. What lies at the bottom of Grakkal's Gate remains a mystery, though attempts are being made to find out the truth.

Where does the water go?

For thousands of years water has been flowing into the abyss without it ever filling up, or the sea emptying itself into the hole. This has always intrigued the scientific world, and spawned a multitude of theories. Some scholars belief the water flows back into the ocean through underground tunnels. While others speculate that a second world is hidden within the depths of Grakkal's Gate.

Dangerous Currents

The region of Grakkal's Gate is notorious for the disappearance of many ships throughout history. No one questions what happened to them though. The currents surrounding the abyss are strong enough to pull any ship that gets too close down into the unknown. That is one of the main reasons why we know so little about this impressive geographical feature.
There was nothing we could do. The ship was relentlessly pulled towards the abyss. we tried to throw lines towards them but it was too late. As we watched in horror at what was unfolding before our eyes the ship all of a sudden halted. Confused we saw its crew running across the deck. And then they started to move against the currents. Moments later Travo yelled that something was pushing them. And truly, something was. A beast larger than anything I had ever seen before pushed the ship to safety.
— Excerpt from Grakkal's Gate and Beyond by Jareb Bonavine


According to mythology Grakkal is a gigantic sea creature that roams the sea around Grakkal's Gate. New reports of sightings surface every few years, with the most recent mere months ago. Scholars are not always convinced that Grakkal is real though. Except for those who claim to have seen it with their own eyes. If he is real he would have to be thousands of years old by now. A recurring theme in all tales surrounding Grakkal is that he appears to be more of a guardian than a dangerous beast. Many stories recall him urging ships away from the dangerous currents of Grakkal's Gate. Perhaps the most trustworthy of those stories was written by Jareb Bonavine in his book Grakkal's Gate and Beyond. In his book he claims Grakkal saved one of his ships when it was stuck in the currents, unable to get back to safety. The discovery of the Dragonfly Islands later in the expedition was of such great importance though that Jareb's encounter with Grakkal never got any public attention.

Scientific Expeditions

Ever since sailors returned home with stories about a massive hole in the ocean, scholars and adventurers have been trying to learn more about it. Jareb Bonavine's expedition may be one of the best known from recent times, but people have been fascinated with Grakkal's Gate since humanity recovered from the Pulse. Many ships and their crews have been lost. Dragged into it's depths no doubt. Recently a few teams have been preparing to take a newly discovered technique with them. Something that will allow them to view Grakkal's Gate from a new perspective. This new technique are hot air balloons. The potential for new discoveries excites many scholars.
approximately 50 - 60 km

The World Beneath

There is no way to know what lies at the bottom of Grakkal's Gate. This has not prevented people from speculating. Below are a few of their theories.

Sunken Island

On maps from the Before it seems to be clear. There used to be an island where there is now an enormous hole in the ocean. According to some this island still exists. Only now it rests at the bottom of Grakkal's Gate. The wildest theories even claim that there is still a civilization living on the island far below. Another theory claims that the people living on the island are decendants from the Forgotten.

A world within a world

As if the theories about a sunken island are not wild enough some people have to take it one step further. Stories about a second world hidden deep within Ealdwyll have existed for a long time. Often they came to life in an attempt to explain natural events like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Due to Grakkal's Gate however these stories have not been forgotten. Over time they have grown into myths and legends of their own. Stories about cities and civilizations living deep below live a life of their own. There are even stories about legendary treasures just waiting to be found.

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