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The beast was bigger than anything I had ever seen before. In a sudden burst of water it rose from the sea reaching as high as the crow's nest. The captain yelled: 'not a whale'. As if the rest of us hadn't noticed. Despite its size it had a slender body and long neck. For several moments it remained there, half out of the water, almost upright. Then it roared, revealing a double row of long sharp teeth, before it toppled over and returned to the depths of the sea.
— Supposed eye witness account from a sailor
Grakkal is a sea monster which according to folklore roams the seas around Grakkal's Gate. Reported sightings date back to as early as 23 AP.


Grakkal is estimated to measure 28 m (92 feet) to 30.5 m (100 feet) from head to tail, and possibly weighs as much as 150 tons. It has a slender body with fins similar to those found on seals. The neck is elongated ending in a monstrous head. Its enormous jaws are filled with a double row of sharp teeth.

Myths and legends

The tales surrounding Grakkal always connect her to Grakkal's Gate. It is said she guards the gate which leads according to some legends to the underworld, while others believe it to be the entrance to the sunken lands of the Forgotten. In both cases the sea creature is seen as a guardian. Sometimes to prevent people from entering these forbidden places, and other times to keep ships from sailing into the hole to a certain death.

Historical basis

In a world where monsters are a common sight there is no doubt a sea beast like Grakkal could be real. Throughout the era's there have been several accounts from trustworthy sources who claim to have seen this sea beast with their own eyes. Possibly the most famous can be found in a book, Grakkal's Gate and Beyond, by the famous explorer Jareb Bonavine. Even though it was published only twelve years ago it has become one of the bestselling books of all times. It remains uncertain if Grakkal is a real creature. Scholars can not come to a concensus on the subject. Some claim she is a mere fiction of the imagination. Others believe there is truth in the stories and claim this creature was roaming the seas long before the Pulse brought its destruction.
Date of First Recording
23 AP
Telling / Prose

Grakkal's Gate

When the waves from the Pulse spread across the globe they weakened in strength the further they got from their source. Except for the location where the waves met, on the opposite side of the globe. What exactly happened no one knows. Fact is that an entire island disappeared into a giant hole in the sea. After thousands of years the hole is still there. Defying all natural laws. It is subject to much speculation as to what can be found at the bottom of that hole.

In art

Grakkal can be found on ships figureheads. He has also been featured on several paintings of which the most famous one can be found in The Golden Light Tower of Sajhdula. The Sea Guardian depicts Grakkal saving a ship from sailing into Grakkal's Gate. They can be seen rising from the sea to prevent the ship from sailing in the wrong direction.

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