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The Ruins of the Library of Guines

History and Future

When the Library of Guines was destroyied, it was buried in the crater it had originally been built in. Thus, buried a hundred feet under the surface of Guines, the Library still exists, with all of the secrets and knowledge that once it held.   More than the Library, however, is also the original spaceship which brought humanity to Poneren. Secrets and knowledge are important, but the technology that can be found within the spaceship are well beyond the capabilities of the people of Poneren due to the destruction of knowledge during the first dark age.   The library and ship it covers, however, remain buried for centuries. They're lost in legend, and occasionally people attempt to excavate the site, but they didn't have either the technology or sufficient belief in its existence to be able to do so until after they had again reached the stars.  


Library of Guines

The Library itself is the top layer of the site. It was built using technology and materials from the ship itself giving a cold metal interior, but electricity wasn't installed. Scorch marks from torches line the exterior where the building was lit, while the interior wall is lined with bookshelves and walls, allowing light into the inner stairwell.   The inner stariwell goes up ten stories, giving access to all floors of the Library itself. It also goes down further, giving access to the ship that brought the first humans to Poneren.  


The ship section of the structure has a few areas that are open, including the computer and power system areas. However, much of the ship was destroyed in the crash that stranded humanity on Poneren and is inaccessible.

Library of Guines Florplan

Underground / Subterranean


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