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Describe a geographic location beneath the surface - what can you find lurking there?   Dinosaurs use to wonder the surface of earth millions of years ago. When their lively hood was threated by volcanic eruptions, they went under ground and stayed there. Over the last 65 million years a cave system two miles under the earths surface has become the home of several types of dinosaurs. They have thrived and have multiplied, still they live peacefully. Now after 65 million years, the dinosaurs are not alone. During the war, many people tried to flea from the war, but the war had touched every corner of the world, many people saw that the only safe place was underground. So thousands of people in South America tried to dig tunnels to escape the war. After a week of digging their tunnel intersected with another preexisting tunnel. The people followed the tunnel to a large cave opening. There was light! On the top of the cave was some form of a light source. Once the people entered the cave they knew they were not alone they saw many species of dinosaurs. The people were amazed by the site of the once thought to be extinct animals were alive and thriving well in their current environment. Humans like normal begun to build homes and protective structures against the dinosaurs, many left them alone, but there was one that liked the taste of human flesh the deadly....Velociraptor. Once the taste of flesh was introduced to them, they attacked any person they could. People in the cave, soon increased in number and they made a town Qose, no one remembers why they called the town that, because who made it up is dead. The towns people have many watch towers where they can see dinosaurs coming from anywhere. The city has only a few guns, numbering less than ten guns and under five hundred rounds of bullets. So the city uses things like swords, bows and arrows and spears.
Cave System

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