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The Bottom of the World

Oh...Wow...I...I've never seen anything like this. It's amazing.
— An adventurer who has managed to get to the largest cavern of the Below
  Below the mountains of The Center of the World lies The Bottom of The World. Also called the Underworld or The Below by the few people who have visited the area. Those who live here call it Home.  


This vast and pretty much unknown area has only been visited by a couple of the surface walkers and only a couple of those have returned to the surface to tell their tale.   There are only one sapient species in the Below. They have lived here for over million years. According to them they were hunted by a creature from the surface down into the Below. Being too scared to return to the surface, they settled down here among the other creatures.  


The Below is a cave system that is natural but has been reworked by the Sapient species. There are only one entrance to the Below, which is located in the southern parts of the The Center of the World at the west foot of The Purple Mountain.   The entrance is too small for most of the creatures from the Surface or The Below to pass through. Only small creatures or young sapient beings can squeeze through. On the other side of the entrance is a cave. The floor to ceiling is about 2 meters, while the floor is about 9 m2. On the walls are several signs painted.   From the first cave room there are two tunnels that can be walked down. The left tunnel is long and goes one for several hours, it becomes large and small and there are outcrops where a visitor can stay and rest but they really shouldn't if they like to keep their lives. At the end of the tunnel is a vast and lush cavern. This is where the sapient species dwells.   The right tunnel leads through several smaller caverns and eventually, several days later leads to the large vast cavern that the left tunnel leads to. The caves found down the right tunnel also have other tunnels that lead to other caverns.   It is easy to get lost in the Below.  


There are a lot of different kinds of flora and fauna in the Below. Most of them are bioluminescent. The most common flora in The Below are fungi and the most common fauna is insects.   Most things in the caves are dangerous, but the most dangerous flora are the Abyss Fungi. They send out poisonous spores when they are at a certain growth stage. The most dangerous creatures are the Chrome Snakes. A snake species that can become several meters long, but it's the small children that are deadly poisonous and likely to bite.


There are many natural resources that the Sapient species are using and that could be traded with the outside world. If there was a way to set up a trading route that could be safely used. Not everyone wants to have contact with the outside world either.   The Below have a surplus of gems, gold, iron, and other useful or precious materials.
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