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The Lush caverns

It's are crystals here...hum. I wonder if I have something to trade...or just...I could...
— A visitor
This cave is believed to be the largest in a cave system known as the bottom of the world. Most of the tribes of the sapient species living in this cavern system live in this cave.  


The cave is around 35.46 km² and 30 meters high. This cave is always around 28°C degrees. In the middle of the cave, there is a shallow pond full of shimmering bioluminescent fish. The pond is around 5 meters deep and children will practice swimming and fishing in it. It is a bit of a contested territory because all tribes and the animals living in the cave want access to it. The dark water on the west side of the cave is a bit more ominous.   There are large trees of a breed that only exist in this cave that claim almost all of the uninhabited areas. Their leaves are dark purple and the bark is dark grey to black with a pearlescent shimmer. Large white berries can foraged from these trees. The bushes in the forests also have the same pearlescent shimmer and so do their white berries.   Large crystals hang from the ceiling and sprout out from the ground. These have a faint glow within them that light up the cave more than the other caves in the cave system. Though, it is a lot darker down here than on the surface. Land walkers who have spent an ample amount of time down in these caves and then return to the surface will have eye problems.  

Natural resources

This cave has access to gems, crystals, fish, other animals that are hunted for meat, this cave is the only place with trees so there is access to lumber, a lot of different kinds of berries, mushrooms, and vegetables.   This is the most diverse cave in the system when it comes to natural resources that the sapient species can use and trade both with the outside world and the rest of the tribes in the cave system.
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