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So...are they like an absence of a pet? The kids open their Christmas present and look down into an empty box and say "wow, dad, thanks for the non-pet." ?
  The voidlings are a dark orb of nothing. You can't pet them. They pet you. In the same way you don't choose your voidling, they choose you. So when looking for a voidling pet you might have to look for a while until one chooses you.   The voidling will chirp at their owner, but nobody else will hear it, and while voidling can't be touched by mortal hands the voidling can touch their owner and other mortals. They will feel a chill go down their spine and then the touch of a tendril over their clothed skin.   The voidling enjoys following their owner everywhere. To look after the pet they should be talked to and fed items at regular intervals. These items can be spit back out when they are needed by a very well-behaved voidling.  


They found these creatures in 12 RO in The Bottom of the World and brought back by one of the survivors. Since then they have reproduced a lot and they are now sold as pets mainly in Korda.  


The only thing that you can see of a voidling is a dark floating orb. This darkness can have different hues depending on the mood of the voidling. There are different interpretations of their emotions.  
Blackest dark
The mainstream belief is that this is their natural content state while others say that this is the color they turn when they are full. It is true that they will eject all items you try to feed it during this state.
Palest light
This is their excited and some believe it's their hungry state, they will swallow everything that they are fed.
  Reproduction It is unknown how they reproduce. Once about every 13 months the voidlings will leave a couple of little black dots floating in the air. Some of these will grow to become voidlings within a couple of months. The others will disappear.  

Dietary Needs

The voidlings need to be fed items for them to survive. Otherwise, they will disappear without notice. They can eat any kinds of items, but some of them have items that they prefer eating. Like swords, stones, books or chairs.
Until their owner dies
Average Height
18-25 cm in diameter
Average Weight
Average intelligence
They are able to understand simple commands.
Facial characteristics
Some owners say that they feel like their voidlings have faces.
If their owner is wounded or has happened upon danger, they may become large balls of fire or light.


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