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Episode 06: Arrival in Razun Report

General Summary

The party cleaned up from the hobgoblin ninjas and found another note similar to the Kaneyama Futurists (Mirai-ha)note from earlier. Nia morphed into the shape of one of the hobgoblins and with a disarmored Spark used the Jragathon Board to contact the soul of the hobgoblin ninja who revealed there is a safehouse/drop off at Greystone Keep in three weeks.

The party then went to Razun where they got inspected by a dock worker and a Grag. After unloading the wheat, Urim Goldmaster's sister Karrin collects his crate while providing a bonus and trying to brush the Kaneyama Futurists note under the rug.

The dockmaster then informs Nia that her contract has expired and the Blackjack has to pay for the right to trade in the Ironspike Mountains again. After some persuasion, the dock master also offers city passes in the deal. Also, tells Nia that some dude Throim Burnside wanted to meet her.

So, we forked over the gold and met Throim. He announced he was a warlock just like Nia (cat bag LEAP situation) and that he was bound to Melkor the Smith of Celestials. He hammered and told Nia while hammering that her patron couldn't listen.

Explained that the Blackjack contracts expired to weaken her fiend patron. Also, her father was trying to find a way to change patrons to sever the fiend's connection to the plane. However, he didn't know how that would be accomplished. Also revealed the fiend is more present at night and less during the day.

Finally, the group visited the anvil of Uth Rom where they ran into the mustachioed minx Meleena Pamplona. She gave Spark a friend's and family discount for the anvil's products, but nothing worked out. She did reveal that there maybe some mithral armor in an abandoned mine shaft filled with undead.

Party smelled loot and went down to take down an undead warlock and its bodyguards. Turned out a deathlock is what happens when you fail your patron. Session ends with Nia's patron threatening her with the same fate. Cue existential dread.

Rewards Granted

+1 Mithril Spear

Mithril Half Plate


Response to questioning of Iron Shadow, “Where was the meeting point?”: Greystone 3 weeks

Glorindrarlun Brightgrip - Dockmaster

Lulmut Coinshaper - Grag

Lady Karrin Goldmaster - She gives an extra 500gp and keeps the paper

Uggag Chakauggag- Head Dockmaster big fat dwarf

Throim Burnside - Gives them a +1 mithril spear

The Blackjack Heritage
Lance Uppercut
Niamhi Silversång
Of the Forge the Spark
8 / 8 HP
Report Date
25 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: The Blackjack Heritage: Zone & Sovranty by Chris L - Heroforge


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