Jragathon Board

Tell us about a popular parlour game played in a region of your world. What are the rules?

A combination of the words for "yes" in Dwarvish and Elvish, the Jragathon Board can be found in homes all around the Talinian Ocean. They are used to play a game with friends, as a way to question your own subconscious, and to speak to minor spirits and ancestors. Care must be taken, however, not to attract the attention of dark powers.

Fools use the Jragaton Board like a plaything, but It's a tool like any other. You can use a hammer to build a home or crush a skull. If you're not careful, the Board can crush your soul.

Play With Caution

The board has the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0 to 9 printed on it. Across the top it has "yes", "no", and "uncertain". On the bottom are the words "hello" and "goodbye". Two to four people can play the game by putting their fingers on the planchette and reciting a ritual phrase or prayer to the being or state of mind that they want to speak to.

The planchette will begin to move around the board under its own volition. When it settles on the word "hello" the spirit attracted to the board is ready. The players can ask questions and the spirit will answer. Wise users of the board will know that the spirits do not always tell the truth.

Generally, each player can ask one or two questions before the spirit becomes tired. The planchette will move to "goodbye" and the game is over. Each player must perform a ritual of farewell, thanking the spirit and releasing it.

Avoiding Danger

Players must never play with the Board alone. Malicious or mischievous spirits can use the board to give suggestions or even dominate solo users.

Rudeness must be avoided at all costs. It is never wise to make spirits angry. They take the formality of greetings and farewells very seriously. They respect those that respect them and can perform acts of petty revenge to the disrespectful

Danger and Divination

Many people question the safety of dabbling with spirits and divination. Remember though that great powers require items of great value to summon them. In this case, the safety of Jragathon Boards comes from the cheapness of the materials. The boards and planchettes are made with simple wood and paper printed with normal inks.

Only the smallest of spirits or a persons own subconscious can be contained by these mundane substances. These precautions are sufficient to protect the vast majority of simple folk using Jragathon Boards for entertainment.

Blood and Power

The power of the board can be amplified unwittingly by those with power. Wizards and artificers never use them. They know that their internal power can summon beings that they can't control.

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24 Dec, 2020 13:33

Ohh interesting. I like that you included the fact that sometimes it might be the user's subconscious rather than a spirit. I also like the warning that it shouldn't be used alone.

24 Dec, 2020 14:20

Thank you! I obviously swiped a lot of lore from Ouija Boards. Just thought that I'd include that you're actually just talking to yourself!

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