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Errant Thoughtseed

From that which came before; knower and teller of things which should not be known

This thing looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Like nothing any of us have ever seen before. It's special... it calls out to me. It whispers things to me.
— Discovery of the Errant Thoughtseed
  Deep within the ocean flooded crater that splits the continent Apathae from it's sibling North Apathae lays a recently discovered, ancient cave complex. Found hidden within the deepest corners of it during a secret Legion expedition was the Errant Thoughtseed. The Thoughtseed is an incredibly ancient, otherworldly object; capable of twisting minds, warping perceptions, or unwantedly whispering the secrets of the universe into the minds of those that gaze upon it.    

Classified Expedition

The caves in which the Errant Thoughtseed was found have likely existed for longer than the God-husks have walked the planet's surface. They are maze-like and dangerous to navigate -- ocean water cascades through them, flowing down and into the unexplored darkness below. Despite the danger, the Legion still mounted a full scale, highly secret expedition within these caves; only the head members of the Legion, and the special team sent into the caves, knew of it.   Five years ago, a highly trained squad of 15 Legionnaire operatives went down into the cave. They took with them the Legion's most sophisticated equipment -- diving apparatuses, exploratory devices, safety gear and weapons. After 5 days in near total darkness, 7 operatives returned with Thoughtseed in their possession -- the remaining 8 had, as the survivors put it, chosen differently.    

that knows the universe

The Errant Thoughtseed is a unique, perception warping object -- it appears different to all those who gaze upon it. The appearance of the stone can be similar between people, such as one person seeing it as an old chunk of dark gray slate, with the next seeing almost the same but with carvings etched into its surface. On the other hand, people's perceptions of the Thoughtseed can vary wildly, with some seeing vibrant crystal, chunks of ancient architecture, or a piece of strange, alien, bone-like material.  
With the differing appearances of the Errant Thoughtseed comes differing effects as well. Some individuals, through horrible Legion experimentation, have expressed intense discomfort near the Thoughtseed, reporting a strange buzzing sound from within their mind. Others have felt full words forming in their brain, thoughts that were not their own that seem to drown out all others. Most of the time, when strong effects like that are felt, the subjects experiencing the effects are driven mad. In some cases, they simply die.
It's strange, I thought I just heard... but no, it can't be, she's been dead for years...   Then whose voice am I hearing? Whose voice is in my head?
here for bonus info
— GFTS-1 Subject 18, Test Cycle 2

The Power of Secrets and Theory of Origin

In some extreme cases, test subjects have reported learning things that should've been impossible for them to know -- rather than just whispers of twisted memories tormenting their minds, these individuals were discovering facts that actually existed. Some examples include learning of secret locations of important facilities, ciphers for previously uncracked codes, or terrible new ways to use Catalurgy. Whatever the secret the test subject learns, it is usually terrible, and pushes the world one step closer to chaos.   There is a theory among the caretakers of the Thoughtseed that it is from a time before the even the Gods themselves existed, long before they ever fought and decayed to God-husks. It is this theory that gives a dark and twisted hope that one day, the secrets of Gods might finally be revealed. Thus despite the terrible dangers and ensuing chaos, the Legion continues it's experimentation, in the hopes that one day the organization will learn something incredible.

Dr. Anabelle Evingston
Item type
Unique Artifact

Current Location

Somewhere within one of the Legion's most fortified bases or research stations is a vault. This vault is special to the Legion, and only the most powerful within the organization even know it exists -- though, much to the frustration of the Legion's leaders, vague rumours have begun to circulate. Within this vault the most powerful artifacts, items, and magics are stored; among which are a series of items known internally as [GFTS-1] through [GFTS-7], or more generally known as the Gifts from the Sky.  

The Gifts

Knowledge of The Gifts outside the Legion upper-ranks is sparse -- rumours of the Legion owning powerful items have circulated for ages, but these rumours lack any specificity or content that could connect them to the Gifts. Still, a core group of Resisters within the Legion, working against the operation using secret codes and subterfuge , have gained a small amount of insight into this collection of artifacts. These Resisters know that a collection of 7 items exist, and they know the name of just one -- the Errant Thoughtseed. They are yet to leak the information, but plan to do so when more knowledge is gained.
Organization | Sep 4, 2022

The Legion is a multinational neutral fighting force built to protect all Cathedrans from the threat of the Rendlings, but the organization harbors a dark secret.

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Mar 4, 2021 06:03 by Jacob Billings

I feel like I haven't visited your world in a while. The article was great, but the thing that took the majority of my attention is the CSS. You've continued to improve, it's a marvel to look at. Great job, Stormbril.

Mar 4, 2021 20:25 by Stormbril

I've been a bit light on the worldbuilding these days, so it's nice to get back to it :) Thank you as always for checking it out and commenting! <3   Glad to hear the CSS is good still :D That's been the one thing I keep fiddling with, so it's great to hear you like it :)

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Mystery objeeeeeeeeeect! What will it look like? What will it do? Who knowwwwwws   Thank you! :)

Mar 4, 2021 10:03 by TC

God, this is such a fascinating artefact, I'm dying to know where it came from- but mystery is half the fun! I love how you've used css to highlight the changing nature of the Thoughtseed, its a marvel to look at! Amazing work!

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Thank you so much! It's almost becoming a detriment now, sometimes I don't feel like writing an article unless I can find some neat way to use CSS in it hehe.   I definitely agree on the unknown origin objects, too :D It's so fun to speculate or theorize on their origins! And mystery is so gooood. Thanks for reading and commenting! <3

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Very interesting concept... but I want to hear more about it!

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There are so many elements of this article that harbor darker secrets and it's exciting to wonder what they could BE. Pushing Cathedris closer to chaos one whisper at a tiiiime...

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There are straaaaaaaange forces at work -- and not all of them are fully understood, controlled, or even known by the Legion :O

Mar 6, 2021 06:14 by R. Dylon Elder

"This thing looks like nothing I've ever seen before. Like nothing any of us have ever seen before. It's special... it calls out to me. It whispers things to me." | not just an amazing way to start the article with some ominous vibes and intrigue, no. It is also my reaction to your hard work.   Such css sorcery. Offer your secrets to me dark one! I must know! where do you get the ideas? How do you do this strangeness with header changing words!? My god, Im going to have to catch up if I have any hopes of competing in the future XD. in all seriousness, this here be an excellent article as always. I like how it seems to be an agent of dark forces but in a surprisingly subtle way. The facts that some glean just by being exposed seem so small, but because they are all terrible and leading the world to chaos , have a major impact. Well written, well made, just awesome work. Till next time storm

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Oh man, thank you for such an incredible comment and incredible praise! Always managing to make my day with things like this <3   My dark CSS secrets are offered freely and without contract! One of these days I might make a "Stormbril's CSSekrits", with a collection of some of the neat things I like to use, with proper sources of who helped me get things working the way I wanted :D   I'm super glad to hear you liked it though, it means a lot!

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Stormbril's CSSekrits could also be a cool stream, just saying! ;)

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That could be pretty fun! :O   Most of the time I'm just googling things and learning on the spot, but it could be a "learning together!" style! Something I'll think about trying once I get more time again :D <3

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The first time the picture changed I almost dropped my tea, so there's that. :D   This is such a fascinating article. Loved it! And you are so clever with the CSS! <3

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Woohoo! Changing picture succeeds in eliciting reactions! I worried if I made it change too slow, it'd be missed, haha.   Thank you so much for the comment! Really really glad you enjoyed it :)

Mar 14, 2021 09:06 by Tris (necromancertris)

SpooOooOoooopy.   I'm only slightly disappointed no one saw it as a shark.   Stunning article, as always! :))

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I'm sure someone somewhere did! At the very least, they've definitely seen it as a GIANT SHARK TOOTH ;D   Thank you so much! :)

May 6, 2021 18:34 by E. Sands

The creepiness of the Thoughtseed is amazing. I love that it is personal to each person that comes across it - and I love that trying to DEFINE it is so difficult.

NACL is the first of my books - and World Anvil might help me get an idea of how to get the sequel to be even better. :)
May 7, 2021 19:26 by Stormbril

Thank you so much! Making things personally scary to characters/individuals is my favourite style of horror related things :)

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