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Welcome to Solaris, traveller! This is a slower-than-light science fantasy set in our own solar system.
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This has been one amazing summer, and it's all thanks to you. This summercamp I may have "only" written eight articles, but they're eight articles I'm really proud of. I also managed to get the first two pages of a summercamp comic ready, which you can see on either side here. This summer, I felt like I had finally started. That my dreams of making a comic book for Solaris might actually be possible, not just a dream.   I do not ever know how to begin expressing how grateful I am for the support of the World Anvil Community. I am thrilled to get such a great opportunity as the reading challenge to introduce you to some of the worlds I love. Please, do show them some love too!  
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Out there, the expanse. In here, the expanse.

  Our first theme is Expanse. I wanted to start out this reading challenge by highlighting some true master worldbuilders here on World Anvil. If you're part of the community, you likely know them already. These worlds are among the first I look to for inspiration, for good reason.   Not only are they massively creative, but the way they tell these stories is where they really shine. It is a treat to study them and see what lessons you can take with you to improve your own work.   Solaris Expanse Articles
Oort CloudRemote Personality Cache/DisplayDragonfly CarrierData CrystalsDumplings in Space
Men in boats, so sick of the journey.
Men gone stupid with blue,
with vast, with gazing over and away   the whole time until same to same-old to
now they’re mean. After that, small.
Out there, the expanse. In here,   the expanse. The men look down. Aching
misalignment — gorgeous
lure that hides its hook steely sweet
  Noone does Summercamp like Qurilion. Already with the first article he wrote, Patala, you could see the seeds sown for the rest of the world. I read in awe this year, just like I did last year when he wrote about Shedim. The sheer inventiveness, and the thrill of watching as a larger story expands over the months is just stunning.   It's simply on a whole other level. If nothing else, study Patala and its related articles for a masterclass in evocative prose.   Other Highlights
Vicitra, the City on the PerchPlague of DreamsThe Fearless Five
If you aren't already familiar with Stormbril's Cathedris, you're in for a treat. A world ravaged by rampaging dead Gods is awesome in and of itself, but Stormbrils multimedia storytelling takes it to the next level. It's a thrill to explore.   I decided to highlight Food's Out not just because I am a sucker for culinary worldbuilding, but because I absolutely adore the side panel with nutritional information in this article. It's such a fun and realistic touch, and it's a great example of how thinking outside the box (pun intended) can elevate an article.   Other Highlights
Cradle of IceGlacier CrawlersAltruistic Concilium of Sacred Architecture
  Rumengol made a brave choice this Summercamp to dwelve into a new (to us non-frenchies) world, the I.D.E.A or the InterDimensional Exploration Agency. Rumengol is the author behind the equally excellent Spheres of Oblogga, an alien underwater world. I.D.E.A is worth checking out too!   The Gate To Hell is a short article with a strong narrative running through it about just how wrong things can go when you start opening portals to other worlds. A good story hooks you in to a world like nothing else.   Other Highlights
I.D.E.A. HeadquartersInter-Dimensional TrainZ-Energy

You believed in crystal notions, not in human clay

Can you believe I was invited to read poetry with the community team for this theme? I had a great time, we had such a blast discussing poetry that before we knew it there was no time to get to it all! Speaking of community...   For this theme, I asked people on my discord to submit up to three summercamp articles for review and a chance to get the Annie's Pick "badge".   Solaris Leadership Articles
Operation War Dove
those will be my manoeuvers before I start to rule
one has to take the city by the neck and shake it a bit     Anyhow you had to perish Hamlet you were not for life
you believed in crystal notions not in human clay
always twitching as if asleep you hunted chimeras
wolfishly you crunched the air only to vomit
you knew no human thing you did not know even how to breathe
As worldbuilders, there comes a time when we need to write about a settlement in our world. Qurilion's Vicitra is an excellent article to look to when that time comes. The descriptions are visceral, leaning on all senses, and there's a strong theme that runs throughout. Vicitra is a city of ruthless opportunitists, at the tail end of a gold rush of adventurers.   A good takeaway here is, I think, that when writing settlements don't get lost in the landmarks or the buildings, remember that the true fundament of a settlement are the people who inhabit it.
Secrets and spoilers are the spice of worldbuilding, and this Summercamp Stormbril gave us an article about the secret association behind the long hinted-at construction of a new god. It is an excellent article, that gives just enough information about the secretive benefactors and council members.   It can often be hard to know when to reveal, and when to hint. As I've gotten more experienced, I've learned that sometimes, you just gotta let people in on the secret. Reward the people who read your articles, and don't be tempted to be too subtle and mysterious. Remember, a hint that's good enough for a reader to pick up on, will probably feel like an obvious giveaway to you as someone who already knows the truth.
The March of Crows by Frogdrake is about a haunting demonic presence. Whichever hapless soul summons one is irrevocably changed. Frogdrakes article tells us about how the March slowly manifests, what it does to enable its presence in foreign realms, and how it tears through them once it has.   It's a strong concept that stands on it's own.

And that to me it is all one dust or another

  And so we move on to our third and final theme, Discovery. This Summercamp may go down in history as the one where we all discovered Midjourney. It's been so amazing seeing the joy people take in getting to create awesome art.   Art is also worldbuilding, and is as much a part of my own process as writing. I hope some of the people using Midjourney have learned how useful art can be to the creative process by letting the AI have a guess and incorporating its suggestions into their articles too (maybe this cute draconic bird does indeed have a third eye, and here's why!).   All that being said, I am not going to be featuring article with AI-generated art, but highlight some of the artists here on World Anvil, who took the time not only to write, but to draw. An AI might be able to sythesize all of the art online into a new epic piece in a minute, but there is a charm to the handdrawn that I don't think AI can ever fully match, and a level of thought and care that goes into it that I will always appreciate.   Solaris Discovery Articles
Remote ProjectionAntonee BenoitScourge
on the occasion of her breaking
an ancient pot
  You know I am no archeologist, Tamar,
And that to me it is all one dust or another.
Still, it must mean something to survive the weather
Of the Ages—earthquake, flood, and war—   Only to shatter in your very hands.
Perhaps it was gravity, or maybe fated—
Although I wonder if it had not waited
Those years in drawers, aeons in distant lands,   And in your fingers’ music, just a little
Was emboldened by your blood, and so forgot
That it was not a rosebud, but a pot,
And, trying to unfold for you, was brittle
— Consolation for Tamar, by Alicia E. Stallings
  Amélie I. S. Debruyne has a tongue in cheek style that's a joy to read. Sentient Cells was one of my early favourites this summercamp, not least because of the illustrations! The little cells have so much character, both in the writing and in the art. Look at those tiny screams!   Other Highlights
Basement Kraken & Eldritch Horror Feeding Ritual

Sonication by AmélieIS

Peacemaker medal by Julian Ralid

  JRR Jara has been drawing for every single Summercamp article, and it's adorable. I love Nyckaneh, a world all about this haven for superkids and their parents! It's a joy to read. This summercamp we even got to learn some of the deep secret lore too!   Other Highlights
Mushple & Big Dreams Corp
If you make a habit to look up awesome homebrew artefacts to add to your DnD sessions, you've probably already come across the work of Tim de Roos, perhaps better known as Bonus Action.   This summercamp, he drew loads of amazing art, but I think my favourite has to be the Shore Cats.   Other Highlights
Sea Giant & Kalaera - Tamer of Clouds
Shore Cat
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