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This is a category of boards relating to the world as a website -- things like announcements, Q+A, and suggestions may be found in this category.


Sun, Oct 10th 2021 07:27
Here is where I will post announcements relating to me and my work.

General chat

Sun, Oct 10th 2021 11:22
General chat about any subject you want -- be it world anvil, writing, creativity, TV shows or movies, it's all good to go here. Forum games and memes welcome!


Wed, Jan 5th 2022 07:53
Got questions? I likely have answers. Come, sit a while, and ask away! Cathedris is an ongoing project and there are likely many blank areas where info is missing that I have yet to write -- this process helps both of us :)


Fri, Oct 8th 2021 03:52
Can range from suggestions of content to make, all the way to styling or CSS suggestions. Please note, not every suggestion will be accepted! But I'll at least take the time to read them :)


Sun, Oct 10th 2021 08:03
If you've got it, I ABSOLUTELY want to see it! <3
Cathedris Discussion Boards


Do you want to spend some time RPing as characters within Cathedris? This category contains boards meant for that. Things like theory crafting, general RP, or even possibly PBP adventures can be found in here.


Sat, Apr 2nd 2022 07:19
This is where you may come to create threads and post as characters! I'll run a few interesting threads in this section as well, starting off with "Prayers to the God-husks"

General/Character Creation

Sun, Oct 10th 2021 07:50
Do you want to chat as in-world characters? Maybe you'd like some help even designing a character? Or would you want to craft a story that takes place in this world? This is the category for you.

Theory Crafting

Posting as a theorist, historian, or any other investigative character, you can use this category to chat theories and ideas as in-world characters.

PlayByPost Adventures

Mon, Oct 11th 2021 04:30
Cathedris is open to adventures! I unfortunately don't have the time or energy to run them myself, BUT, if you've got ideas and a love for the world, feel free to start one up here :D
Cathedris Discussion Boards


Curious about how some CSS or BBCode in Cathedris is structured, or want some help? This is a place you can ask!


Secrets, discussions, or limits of what BBCode can accomplish on World Anvil. Ask how I've done things, or share your creations as well.


Thu, Oct 21st 2021 10:12
Got questions on how I did something via CSS? What about ideas for fancy CSS that you'd like to share with other people interested in the tech? Here's a good place to go!
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