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WAWA 2024 Finalists

My submissions for your consideration!

omg! Three nominations for finalists! I am so overjoyed and excited :D please check out my nominations below, and if you feel it, I'd be overjoyed if you go to this web page here to votefor me <3
— Stormbril

Strength and Honor Award 2024 Submission

One of the really fun things I did over summer camp was write about the advent of Catalurgy -- not really in how exactly it was developed, but rather what the event was like when it was unveiled to the world.   This article, styled as a newspaper, was one of the most fun ways to share this world shaping event!  
Document | Mar 14, 2024


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Pillars of Progress Award 2024 Submission

There's something just so satisfying about developing the villains of your world. This article was so much fun to design, plan, and write; it's got mystery, architecture, and terrible plans for humanity all stuffed into it.   It's part of my current obsession in Cathedris -- Dr. Anabelle Evingston and everything she controls.  
The Sacred Lab
Settlement | Mar 14, 2024

The cradle for a new god; the home of the Human Augmentation Program. A massive complex consisting of labs, research facilities, ichor storage, and living quarters.

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Myths and Legends Award 2024 Submission

You didn't really think you could get through a list of Stormbril submissions without some CSS shenanigans, did you? :o This article DOMINATED my attention for a couple days as I CSS'd up a fully working flip book, then wrote and illustrated the contents of said book. And just to make sure it was extra special, I made the book about the origin of the very gods themselves!  
Days of Creation
Myth | Mar 16, 2024

A historian's attempt at writing and illustrating a picture book to teach kids about the origins of the gods, long before they became husks.

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Thank you for taking a look at or considering my entries! Of course if you deem them worthy, I'd be overjoyed to recieve your vote for any of them,which you can do here (and make sure to check out the other amazing finalists!   So go to this web page here to vote!  
— Stormbril

Cover image: Xiuthan by Stormbril, Confetti background by Jason Leung


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Mar 20, 2024 14:39 by TJ Trewin

Ooooo look at these fancy hover previews! What a lovely way to also keep a snapshot memory of your amazing worldbuilding to look back on over the years :D fantastic work as always Stormy, good luck in your nominations this year! <3

Journals of Yesteryear

Mar 20, 2024 16:07 by Stormbril

I do love me some fancy hover previews and gifs :D And thank you TJ <3 Fantastic and amazing work from you too, and good luck to you!!

Mar 20, 2024 16:53 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

That header will never not bring me joy. Good luck this year, Stormy! <3

Mar 20, 2024 17:17 by Stormbril

It's always my favourite header to use for these events :D She's just so happy and supportive!   And thank you Emy, you too! <3

Mar 20, 2024 18:06 by Rin Garnett

Love the scrolly images, very nice touch! Also love that these are all SC articles. How much work was done post-SC compared during the event itself?

Mar 21, 2024 01:52 by Stormbril

Thank you! :D In terms of writing in general, I mostly did a lot of very short Snippet articles (aside from the whole Trinket Chest thing during World Ember), and then as for these articles themselves, just some minor editing! Though Days of Creation and Cult of the Mind got extra content written into them while the rest just went through some good edits

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