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Eros Zone

Welcome to Luridity Galaxy! Luridity is currently under construction to update some code, so please excuse the mess (and whatever you do, don't lick the science). Think of it as wading around in the lower levels of a cyberpunk cityplanet, all the neon slightly tilted and blinking helplessly. ;) Thank you for your patience; Luridity will be back by summer 2024! Or for the southern hemi folks, winter. >:)
Tales from the Eros Zone feature a predominently post-apocalyptic setting.
This Zone is home to three star systems: Toulouse, Breloa, and PN S Mytir.  
Eros Zone
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Each system in Eros has habitable planets originally made such through terraforming, and then made again with a heaping helping of magic, after a catastrophic apocalypse known as The Collision. The incident and subsequence re-making wreaked havoc on the landscapes and technologies in every star system in the Zone, forging impossibly wondrous landmarks and unlikely intergalactic industries.   The Overlords, once beings powerful enough to seed settlements across the Galaxy and bring an entire sentient species into being using magic alone, have made Eros Zone their permanent residence. They expended so much power to put part of the Galaxy back together that they now live a seemingly endless recovery, watching from on high, unable to intervene without dire cost to their reserves. Even the powers of the Owners, the Overlord-created species put in charge of planets and individual communities, are mere shadows of what they once were.   But magic is not gone. Power soaked into every atom of the Eros Zone in order to save it, and the continued consequences are wild and varied. Remnants, a new species forged at the rebirth of Eros Zone, hold reservoirs of power which can be used by themselves as well as by Owners. And otherwise ordinary people display new abilities that can only come from the use of magic, whether or not they can actively harness it.   Today, people, plants, even rocks might hold power...though knowing if a particular pebble or person does or does not appears to be impossible until their latent magical core awakens. Stars help the passersby of an awakening, for there is no way to know whether one will be faced with a boon or a curse until it happens.

1: Toulouse System

Toulous runs on scrap-and-steam and nano-engineering. Rather than space-faring or exploration desires, its planets are home to seemingly anything one can build, break, create, or trade. Toulouse is a popular hub for inventors, investors, and seekers of unique or magical artifacts. Though it is a system toward the edge of the Galaxy, news comes from across Luridity with intense frequency via the many visitors doing business among its worlds.


2: Breloa System

A more closed system than its neighboring Toulouse, Breloa is ruled by the plantlife that calls its planets home. Flora is used for everything from the usual food source to constructing buildings, and living spaceships have begun to appear among the stars in Eros Zone. Those living on Breloa's outermost planets deal with violent weather conditions and survival challenges not seen before the Collision. They seek the stars beyond Eros Zone, and reaching them will surely spread not just magic across the Galaxy, but carry with it unique specimens of plantlife as well. Breloa's root worlds are insular gardens governed by the plants themselves. They are not friendly to outsiders, however natives to the Eros Zone are recognized and given tolerable passage.


3: PN S Mytir System

The instigator of the Collision, PN S Mytir was originally two systems and has been reforged into one. This system has the greatest dispersal of magic, as the Owners responsible for the apocalypse saw their power stripped and widely redistributed to the general populations. The worst offenders are imprisoned in this system, and the Overlords chose to stay close and keep watch, so they maintain a tangible voidspace on an outer orbit for their recovery. The dual planet of Suborian is found here, home to Owner of Underhaven and his Remnants.

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