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Welcome to Luridity Galaxy! Luridity is currently under construction to update some code, so please excuse the mess (and whatever you do, don't lick the science). Think of it as wading around in the lower levels of a cyberpunk cityplanet, all the neon slightly tilted and blinking helplessly. ;) Thank you for your patience; Luridity will be back by summer 2024! Or for the southern hemi folks, winter. >:)
>>Sass, did you acquire a bounty I don't know about?
  >>Not today.
  >>Ah. Friend of yours, then.
— excerpt from Exit Strategy



What's Inside?

Content Warning: Dead parrot. (Nope, he's not just sleeping, he's joined the choir invisible.)
On a mission, Sascha's cover is blown. If that weren't bad enough, she runs into her nemesis, a murderous cyborg named Supay. Now she's on the run with Fate at the wheel, but can she find a way out--and collect the client's data--before Supay takes her head?

This quick fic is live on the higher Ream tiers right now! Once it publishes to the free tier, you'll be able to access the interactive chapters here on this Story Index page. Can't wait to access? Follow Luridity on Ream and enjoy not only Exit Strategy as it is released, but also weekly serialized chapters of even more new smutty and sweetly entangled fiction! (Followers get a chapter a week. Paid subscribers get things even faster!)


Sascha Bennett



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