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1 Aug, 2023 18:54

You had me at "virtual arts for your physical parts!" Nice bit of worldbuilding here!

Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

1 Aug, 2023 19:31

Hm yes, I can see that... love the way Gabbie is "star-struck" by a boobparade. The description of the job itself, the small real-life outtake with the catKynd (purrrrr....). Lets say, I can see why Gabbie wants to do things :D

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2 Aug, 2023 10:43

Your world is named well as this article has a lurid draw and tasteful writing. You blend the tantalizing, creative and interesting really well.

2 Aug, 2023 17:16

Wonderful, love the aloud. Nev trying to get into some voyerism had me laughing. Great piece.

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The Starred articles are my favorites!
3 Aug, 2023 23:34

Love this as a concept. Luckily they are expensive or some people would never want to come out of an experience.   But also, HotPants69, eh? :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
9 Aug, 2023 05:37

Custom avatars, sensory feedbacks, sweet haptics. Juicy. The prose play is a nice touch.

Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
20 Aug, 2023 00:48

Am I weird for thinking this sounds like an AWESOME job?

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