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Cage of Luax

The Cage of Luax is a dyson swarm constructed by the United Leagues of Earth between 2393 and 2415 in the eponymous Luax System. The Cage supplied power to the habitats and wormhole gateways of the system, and also contained a major antimatter production facility. The antimatter produced by the Cage supplied the bulk of the Outer Systems' antimatter prior to the opening of a new facility in Zeta Tucanae and new export deals between the United Leagues of Earth and major Outer Systems powers.   Following the retreat of the United Leagues of Earth from the Outer Systems, the Cage of Luax became one of the focal points of the cold war between the Federal Republic of Zeta Tucanae, the State of Tavastia, and later Congressional Republic of Orizont. In 2552, when a ULE peacekeeping force withdrew from Luax after being stationed there since 2526, war nearly broke out between the three major powers for control of the Luax System. However, the ULE shortly thereafter mandated the closure of the Cage's antimatter production facilities under threat of military intervention, dramatically decreasing the value of the system. Today, the Cage of Luax is only partially operational, and primarily powers the numerous gateways in the system, as well as several large habitats.
Founding Date
Megastructure, Dyson Sphere


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Aug 9, 2023 19:33

Big fan of the use of a swarm instead of a dyson sphere. It's a cool concept to see that it's only partially operational, leaving the reader to wonder what happens to abandoned superstructures. Would be cool to see some in-world opinions about what abandoning them could mean for society

Aug 12, 2023 05:51 by Chips Dubbo

A nice, short article that provides everything a reader needs to know. Good work!

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