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Federal Republic of Zeta Tucanae

The Federal Republic of Zeta Tucanae is a representative democracy neighbouring The United Leagues of Earth. It is the largest state in the Outer Systems region, both in terms of population and controlled star systems, as well as GDP. Each star system operates semi-independently in a federal structure that is less centralised than that of the ULE, but still ultimately answerable to the federal government on Podlaskie.   It is estimated that the Cetians terraformed and colonised many planets in the region some 5,000 years ago, possibly including Podlaskie, Indravati, and Cappadocia. The territories now controlled by the FRZT were colonised by humans beginning in the late 24th Century under the United Leagues. the FRZT peacefully gained independence during The Antimatter Crisis of 2509-2520, and since then has rapidly become the foremost military and economic power in the region.   Zeta Tucanae is known for its close cultural and diplomatic ties to Earth, and for its relatively egalitarian society for a Star State. Its diplomatic ties and political structure have put it at odds with the Congressional Republic of Orizont, the second largest state in the region, and the two have been locked in a cold war ever since the end of The Tavastian War in 2589. While a plurality of the FRZT's population is irreligious, it also contains considerable Christian and Neo-Spiritualist minorities.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Controlled Territories
Government Category
Genetic Manipulation
Inter-Sapience Relations
Human-Alien Equality

Friendly Relations

The FRZT seeks to emulate the ULE's culture and political structure.

Reluctant Support

Zeta Tucanae protects Avastus for pragmatic reasons, despite ideological differences.

Corporate Influence

The GTC has considerable influence in the FRZT, much to the chagrin of most Tucanites.

Ideological Differences

Morobe and Zeta Tucanae have conflicting political systems.

Cold War

Orizont and Zeta Tucanae vie for control over the star states between them.


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