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Entropy Cults

Entropy Cults are a type of belief system in which the concept of entropy is worshipped or otherwise embraced. The first entropy cults arose during the 25th century, inspired by the works of nihilist philosopher Nikolai Korsgaard, who suggested that since entropy is inevitable, it should not be fought against, but rather embraced. This way, he argued, people would be freed from their unnecessary concerns and sources of stress, and be content with whatever fate awaited them. The term "entropy cultist" was originally a perjorative term for those who held to Korsgaard's philosophy, but it was quickly embraced by the movement.   The entropy cults and Korsgaard's philosophy as a whole have been largely delegitimised, primarily as a result of the Tavastian War and the other actions of the Tavastian Entropy Cult. This particular cult was more extreme than most, and sought to end what they believed to be a false vacuum, and bring the universe to a true vacuum as quickly as possible.   Accelerationist Entropists such as the Tavastians are now all but unheard of, but a related group, the Hedonistic Entropists still exist in significant numbers. The Hedonists believe that Entropy should simply be accepted, rather than fully embraced, and that humanity should resign itself to its ultimate demise without speeding it along.
Religious, Cult

Theological Differences

Entropists oppose the Neo-Spiritualist veneration of the false vacuum.

Hostile Relations

For theological, moral, and historical reasons, the Apostolic Church is strongly opposed to Entropy Cults.


The government of Orizont violently represses all forms of entropy worship.


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