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Tavastian War

The Tavastian War was an interstellar war lasting for five years between 2585 and 2589. It was the deadliest conflict since the War of the Leagues in the 23rd Century, resulting in tens of millions of deaths throughout the Outer Systems. The war saw extensive use of combots by Tavastian froces to make up for manpower shortages, and formed the basis of modern combot doctrine. The war was characterised by extremely destructive tactics, particularly by Tavastian forces, who were also responsible for numerous war crimes.   Following the takeover of the Tavastian government by the Tavastian Entropy Cult, its substantial military forces were used to launch sneak attacks against neighbouring star states. Distira was the first target, with Tavastian naval forces reaching the system on July 3rd 2585, while attacks on Ningxia occured shortly afterward, beginning on July 7th. After Distira's small fleet was destroyed, key military, industrial, and administrative locations on Distira Prime were occupied by August 11th, following a three-day campaign by Tavastian ground forces. Ningxia was able to hold off Tavastian forces in space for several months by targeting vulnerable supply lines, but was forced to capitulate when reinforcments from the Distiran front arrived, allowing the combined Tavastian fleet to reach Zhongning and threaten to devastate the planet.   While the Ningxian campaign was ongoing, elements from the Tavastian fleet in Distira advanced into Colonial Development Fund space. This prompted the Federal Republic of Zeta Tucanae to declare war on Tavastia on November 18th 2585, and mobilise its forces. The FRZT was decisively defeated in several engagements, and all CDF holdings were occupied by Tavastia by mid 2586. Tavastian forces continued advancing across the region throughout 2586 and 2587, occupying numerous systems and bringing the Outer Systems Alliance and the Congressional Republic of Orizont into the war.   In January 2588, Tavastian forces reach the Mutenia system, and quickly broke through the Orizonter defences on its outskirts. On the 29th of January, the Tavastian fleet reached extreme Orizont orbit, and its vanguard engaged the Orizont home fleet. For reasons that are still debated by historians and military strategists, the bulk of the Tavastian fleet retreated before ever engaging the Orizonter fleet, and its vanguard was completely destroyed. The Tavastian fleet in Mutenia was never seen again, and the battle of Orizont marked a turning point in the war.   Despite many early victories, Tavastia lacked the industrial capacity to replace its losses, and over the course of the war had lost its initial technological edge. As such, beginning in March 2588, the coalition opposing Tavastia began advancing across the Outer Systems, eventually reaching Tavastia itself in December. The battle to capture Tavastia Prime saw millions of casualties on both sides, as most Tavastian forces refused to surrender, and was the bloodiest battle of the war. On June 13th 2589, a coup overthrew the remnants of the Tavastian government, and the new military junta surrendered two days later, bringing an end to the war. However, during the coup, loyalists of the old regime sent out a general order to all remaining Tavastian combots, drones, and automated ships to attack all organic lifeforms they encountered, and cease accepting further orders.   The Tavastian system was jointly occupied by the coalition members, and to this day forces from the FRZT, Orizont, and CDF remain in the system. Several star systems, including Ningxia, were annexed by Orizont, which solidified its position as a regional power following the conflict.
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