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State of Tavastia

Tavastia was a star state established in 2515, which was originally a representative democracy with control of a single star system, Tavastia. The nation quickly descended into authoritarianism and militarism, exerting influence over neighbouring Distira and Ningxia. In late 2574, protests erupted across Tavastia Prime in response to increasingly oppressive laws by the nation's government, prompting a military intervention by the ULE to overthrow the dictatorship. ULE forces crippled part of the Tavastian fleet before quickly occupying Tavastia Prime in a lightning war, ousting the dictatorship and instaling a democratic government by 2576. The following year, the election of a new government on Earth resulted in the ULEN being recalled to Earth space before Tavastia's new government could consolidate power or be properly demilitarised.   Following the withdrawl of ULE forced, Tavastia quickly descended into civil strife and anarchy. By mid 2580, the Tavastian Entropy Cult had taken control of most of the planet, and virtually all its still sizeable military assets, with the aid of sympathetic military leaders.   in 2585, the Entropy Cult started the Tavastian War by invading Distira and Ningxia in quick succession. The war escalated over the following years, and ended in the occupation of Tavastia by allied forces and the destruction of the organised Tavastian Entropy Cult (though entropists remain on Tavastia Prime to this day). Since the end of the war, the Tavastian system has been occupied by forces from thhe Federal Republic of Zeta Tucanae, the Congressional Republic of Orizont, and the Colonial Development Fund.

2515 - 2589

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Government Category
Genetic Manipulation
Inter-Sapience Relations
Not Applicable


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