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Colonial Development Fund

The Colonial Development Fund is a corporation that is chartered on Earth, but operates primarily in the Outer Systems region. It produces and sells a variety of products and services catered primarily toward interstellar colonial development. Such products include agricultural and mining machines and robots, prefabricated industrial facilities, industrial spacecraft, and planetary defences.   It controls several star systems throughout human space, the foremost of which is the Ashford system, from which its Outer Systems operations are based. The CDF is notable for having been a primary combatant in both the Tavastian War and the Pressburger-Columbian War. Much like other megacorporations, the CDF has effectively become a state unto itself, and is now one of the main political entities in the Outer Systems.
Founding Date
Neighboring Nations

Friendly Relations

The CDF protects the UCC, which in turn provides benefits to the corporation.


The CDF and GTC compete for dominance in the Outer Systems.


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