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Apostolic Church

The Apostolic Church is the largest Christian church, and among the oldest and largest international institutions in human space. The Church's chief pastor is the pope, who is bishop of Rome on Earth, and who according to Apostolic teching is the representative of Chirst and who possesses the authority of Saint Peter. The Latin Church, of which the pope is patriarch, is the largest church in full communion with Rome. However, the various self-governing churches also make up a considerable percentage of Apostolics.   Following the Fifth Vatican Council in 2233, the Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church reuinted after over a millenium of schism. Most Orthodox churches followed the lead of Constantinople following the Council, but Moscow and those aligned with it refused to do so. The term "Apostolic Church" quickly became used to refer to this reunified church, and has continued to be used to the present day. Several more churches would be unified with the Apostolic Church at later points, including the Oriental Orthodox Church in 2270, and the Armenian Apostolic Church in 2359.
Founding Date
Founded AD 33; Reuinified AD 2233
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Christian Church
Subsidiary Organizations

Theological Differences

The Apostolic Church and Neo-Spiritualism hold incompatible theological views.

Hostile Relations

For theological, moral, and historical reasons, the Apostolic Church is strongly opposed to Entropy Cults.

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