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Democratic Republic of Morobe

The Democratic Republic of Morobe is a star state and member of the Outer Systems Alliance, which is contained within the Morobe system. While nominally a representative democracy, Morobe has effectively been a dictatorship since 2577, when a coup' d'etat was launched by elements of the nation's military against the civilian government. Since then, the military's control over Morobe has solidified, thanks in part to the OSA's victory in the Tavastian War.   While the DRM is a dictatorship, and its population have virtually no political freedoms, the military government has managed to maintain a high standard of living for its subjects. Morobe's government has been continually given large sums of money by the United Leagues of Earth for handing over antimatter weapons, in accordance with the latter's outstanding antimatter bounty. Officially, these weapons were all siezed from Tavastia following the Tavastian War, but observers have noted that Morobe seemingly has an endless supply of them, leading some to accuse the DRM of illegally producing their own antimatter, using it in weapons systems, and then turning in said weapons for payment. Regardless of the source, Earth continues to pay the bounty, giving the Morobian regime vast sums of capital, which it uses both to fund a strong military and improve the lives of its citizens, solidifying its grip on power.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Parent Organization
Government Category
Genetic Manipulation
Inter-Sapience Relations
Human Supremacy

Ideological Similarities

Morobe and Orizont have similar political systems, but Morobe remains neutral in the Cold War.

Bounty Farming

Morobe maintains plausible deniability for its alleged antimatter bounty farming.


The DRM approves of the OSA's neutrality, but many in the OSA dislike Morobe's dictatorship, reliance on Earth, and military buildup.

Ideological Differences

Morobe and Zeta Tucanae have conflicting political systems.


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