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Aeneas Directorate

The Aeneas Directorate is a technocratic representative democracy that gained independence from the Avastus Directorate in 2563. It controls a single star system, Aeneas, which contains no habitable worlds, but is nonetheless home to over 50 million inhabitants on various space stations and planetary settlements. The largest station and capital of the Directorate is Ascanius, home to some 10 million inhabitants.   Aeneas is a considerably more traditional democracy compared to Avastus, with representatives being elected to serve the citizenry. Like in Avastus, all adults eligible for citizenship must pass an intelligence test before being granted citizenship. However, the tests in Aeneas are much more lenient, and generally only exclude those with severe mental disabilities. Aeneas is still often criticised for these exclusive policies, but to a lesser degree than Avastus.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Parent Organization
Government Category
Genetic Manipulation
Therapeutic Only
Inter-Sapience Relations
Human-Alien Equality


The people of the Aeneas Directorate are largely grateful to the OSA for protecting them from Avastus.

Friendly Relations

Despite ideological differences, Orizont and Aeneas enjoy good relations due to their mutual dislike of Avastus.

Cold Relations

Avastus and Aeneas have been at odds since the independence of the latter from the former.


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