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Grand Principality of Koyuk

The Grand Principality of Koyuk is a star state with control of the borderline-habitable world of Koyuk in the class-M Dezhnev system. It is a semi-constitutional monarchy ruled by the House of Liechtenstein, which also rules the eponymous Principality of Liechtenstein on Earth. Koyuk is a highly beureaucratic state, with its economy and governance centred around regional distribution centres, which collect and redistribute goods and resources amongst the state's population. While the Grand Princes are highly respected by the population, they wield limited political power from their seat in the orbital habitat of New Vaduz, with most duties carried out by appointed beureaucrats.   Koyuk enjoys good relations with the United Leagues of Earth thanks to its ties to the Princes of Liechtenstein, and has close ties to the fellow Apostolic Judicate of Nuragia.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
New Alaska
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Palace economy

Good Relations

The House of Liechtenstein binds Koyuk and Earth together over many lightyears.

Cordial Relations

The shared Apostolic faith of Nuragia and Koyuk grant the two good relations, despite their ideological differences.


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