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Jump Drives

Jump drives were the first method of faster-than-light travel developed by humanity, and facilitated mankind's early interstellar expansion. Jump drives are mounted on spaceships, and function by creating a short-lived but stable wormhole to a distant destination for the ship to travel through. Particularly powerful jump drives can open a wormhole large and stable enough for other ships to travel through as well. Jump drives require considerable amounts of power to operate, and thus ships generally need to spend days or week charging specialised batteries before making an interstellar jump. Intrastellar jumps can also be performed, and usually only require 12-24 hours of charging for interplanetary jumps. Charging times are much longer for drives powered by fusion reactors as opposed to antimatter power.   In modern times, jump drives are rarely used due to their high cost to make and use, instead having been largely replaced by the much more efficient wormhole gateways. Jump drives are primarily used by militaries, exploration ships, rescue ships, and the exceptionally wealthy who wish to cut down on interplanetary travel times.


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