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Wi'a Hus Obelisk

A monument built in 1760 in the city of Wi'a Hus as a waypoint for travelers. A mystery surrounds its height.

Purpose / Function

The easiest way for our accessing Nys is to enter from the south border: it is in the eastern Khata Desert close to where the Phiaro river is born. The portal is located on the first door of the first floor in the Crossroads. As soon as one travels through the portal it is paramount to LEAVE THE PLACE you find yourself in: I cannot stress it enough. You should be able to see the Wi'a Hus Obelisk somewhere north of your position: proceed towards it, the Shajīn kindly built it as a waypoint just for us. If the dunes are too high or if a sandstorm is taking place, shelter yourself for a while and wait, or just proceed northwards until you see the obelisk.
— Accessing the Shajīn, Bheratal


A larger obelisk is found in Wi'a Hus. At a height of 36 metres, it represents the outpost hosting it: not only is it the only building in the base which is not a mud hut, thus rising as its symbol, but it is also an actual waypoint, thus physically representing the settlement. It is formed by a stone monolithic column 24 metres high standing on a base of 8 meters. The attentive reader will have surely noticed that the math does not add up: in the records it is clearly stated that the monolith was 24 metres high, and the base can still be measured to be 8 metres high; however, official geometric calculations set its total height to 36 instead of the expected 32. Some advance the absurd hypothesis of a space distortion caused by the vicinity of the edge of the world. I believe the records were wrong.
— History of Shajīn Art in the 18th Century, Wijā Khada


The construction of the obelisk was the first and only time of activity in Wi'a Hus: ferrymen worked incessantly to bring an uninterrupted flow of people, construction materials and tools to the outpost, where the monument was built in an unprecisied amount of months. Nothing else has ever happened in the outpost, except for the dull constant resupplying.
— History of the Upper Phiaro, Rit Dukaz
Founding Date
Monument, Large
Parent Location

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Aug 1, 2023 20:22

Big fan of the epistolary approach to documenting the area and obelisk. Could be cool to have an informal primary source describing some stuff they saw themselves while there, sort of to build the mindset we might find ourselves in if we went

Aug 7, 2023 16:29 by Daniele Salierno

Hey, thank you for your feedback, I'm happy you liked my little experiment! I will try to expand this with some primary source, it's a good idea. Thank you!