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Halls of Echoes

There are many places in Avalonia that have been conquered and turned to ruins and never again rebuilt. The remains of castle Aofh are one of them and no one has dared to occupy the place ever again. The most prominent thing that remains of its structure is an arch and several collumns that were left from the grat hall where the lords once gathered. However, one fateful night, they were sold out - supposedly by then court wizard - to the enemy soldiers of Sol, who managed to sneak inside disguised as servants and proceeded to murder everyone and eventually set the entire place on fire. With that the Avlan resistance was irrevocably broken and there was nothing else left standing in the Empire's way.   According to legends, because of his treachery, the wizard was trapped behind the rubble and eventually fell through the earth and got stuck in an underground cave system below the castle. As a punishment he was sentenced to wonder this cold dark maze forever, keeping company to the ghosts roaming above the surface. It is rumoured that if you dare to spend the night in the ruins, you can sometimes hear echoes of the wizard weeping. If you listen carefully, he might give you some warning against future events to come, so some people come here and stand below the arch to try to learn their fate or the fate of their loved ones.   Things were looted from the remains over the decades from its destruction, very little precious things remain. The one thing thieves did not touch is the statue of the very first king of Avalonia - his body is now overgrown with moss, his head remains fallen on the ground, the sword he was holding scattered in sharp marble pieces around.   It all serves as a reminder that everything ends and there are terrors waiting to happen in the future.

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