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Florarovan National Temple

Found in the city of Malic, rather than the capital, the Florarovan National Temple is an icon of the Gold River region. It also serves as the head of the Vitnu religion. It is known for its elaborate religious imagery.

Outer Walls

The front entrance of the temple has a mosiac of the Vitnu symbol above the door, and colorful tiles around the door and the windows. But it is the least elaborate of the four outer walls, which are decorated with full length mosaics, each wall representing a different group of animals from Vitnu folklore.
  • The wall to the right of the door depicts the birds of the air, who are considered the messengers of the Forest Walker. Most of them have wings with hundreds of additional eyes to better let them watch the world below and report back to the Forest Walker of the goings on. This wall is the most famous and usually considered the most stunning.
  • The back wall has the animals of the land. Many of them are depicted walking, in conversation with, and even playing games with humans because they are considered the teachers of the world.
  • The left wall shows the animals of the ocean, which are considered the warriors, guarding the world against the Night Fisherman. Many are depicted in armor, and some serve as mounts for humanoid riders bearing weapons.

Inner Halls

The inside of the national temple is known for its high ceilings and many windows which provide exensive natural light. Long, narrow windows, especially those in hallways, are uncovered at all times. Smaller windows, which are found in the sanctuary and other rooms have curtains which can be pulled to block out overly bright light. These curtains are beautifully batiked with images from Vitnu stories. The main sanctuary also has the world's largest Dream Net strung across the ceiling.
Services are held every Springday morning at 9am, with additional special services during holidays. The main sanctuary is open for visitors throughout the week, from 9am to 9pm. It is free to visit, but visitors must check in at the lobby desk, where the number of visitors is documented. The front desk worker can also direct visitors coming for a specific purpose, such as an appointment with clergy. Tourists are encouraged to be quiet while visiting the sanctuary, out of respect for visitors who might be praying.
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

Home of the Head Amd

Services at the National Temple are usually held by local Malic amds, who are elected for a four year term by parishoners. But the head Vitnu amd, elected by regional amds, lives on site. The apartment of the head amd is on a higher level of the temple, inaccesible to visitors without a pass. The amd is not always present, as they travel throughout the country during their term, but they when present they do sometimes lead services, especially during holidays. Similarly, while locals seeking religious advice usually meet with a local amd, they are able to sometimes book appointments with the head amd.

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