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Eye of Nimbus

"In the clouds sits the throne of our Stormstress in the holy city of Nimbus. Within Nimbus' sits the Eye. From there the Stormstress can observe her territory and her subjects."   ~ Seer Nilog

Purpose / Function

The Eye of Nimbus is a large scrying stone that the ruler of Nimbus utilizes to scry anywhere on Uta'Gosh or individuals of interest.


The Eye of Nimbus floats in an opening at the center of the city. It's surrounded by multiple statues of giants, excluding Storm Giants, kneeling in reverence towards the eye. Above the eye is the statue of the current ruler on Nimbus gazing into the eye.


The Eye of Nimbus is guarded by an elite group of the Gida Kata. These guards are equipped with enchanted helmets that allow them to see invisible creatures, into the Ethereal Plane, and in the darkness.


During the construction of Nimbus the Stone Giants excavated a crystal clear orb from the depths of the Clouded Sea. The Stone Giants presented it to the first self proclaimed ruler of Uta'Gosh The Storm Lord. When he first gazed into this orb he was thinking about his wife. His vision was shifted to her grave atop Utkrot Mountain.   When Nimbus was crafted The Storm Lord placed the orb in the center of the city as a monument to his power. The orb thrummed with activity and encased the entirety of Nimbus in a glowing sphere. Nimbus started lifting into the air. When Nimbus reached the clouds it stopped and stayed suspended in the air. Storm Lord looked out seeing the entirety of Uta'Gosh and the ocean surrounding it. Since then Nimbus has remain suspended.   A statue depicting the Eye of Nimbus is at the center of every city to depict their fealty to Nimbus and its ruler.


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