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Temple of the Wolfborn (Tem-pəl uv thə wo͝olf-bôrn)

The Temple of the Wolfborn stands tall and proud on the cliffs of Figan Island, overlooking the vast ocean. Built from weathered stone and dark wood, this temple has stood for centuries as a place of worship for the Pack Guides and followers of the Path of the Wolfborn.   Inside the temple, statues of Asha and Kael, the wolf goddess and god, greet visitors at the entrance. Elaborate carvings of wolves and other woodland creatures adorn the walls and ceilings. Candles flicker throughout the temple, emanating a soft, warm glow. The main chamber holds an altar made of stone, where offerings and sacrifices are made to Asha and Kael. Behind the altar, a large stained glass window depicts the two wolf deities standing together on a cliffside.   The Pack Guides maintain and protect this sacred temple. They lead ceremonies, rituals, and howling prayers to honor Asha and Kael. Pilgrims travel from all over the Western Holds to visit the Temple of the Wolfborn and pay respect to the wolf gods. At night, the soft sound of wolf howls can be heard coming from the temple, signaling the Pack Guides communing with Asha and Kael under the light of the full moon.   The Temple of the Wolfborn has stood for generations as a holy site for all followers of the Path of the Wolfborn in the Western Holds. Within its weathered walls, Asha and Kael are honored through ancient rituals passed down since the temple's founding.


Patrolling the perimeter of the temple grounds are two massive timber wolves, Asha and Kael, named for the wolf deities. They were found as pups years ago by the Pack Guides, who took them in and raised them to become loyal protectors of the temple.   Now fully grown, Asha and Kael roam the island forests surrounding the temple. With keen senses, they keep vigil for any unwanted visitors to this sacred space. Guided by primal instincts and their deep bond with the Pack Guides, they allow fellow wolf worshippers to pass unharmed.   However, when zealous followers of other faiths attempt to infiltrate the temple to defile or destroy it, Asha and Kael are there to intercept the threat. Many overconfident raiders have found themselves driven back by the warrior wolves, or in rare cases, torn limb from limb for failing to heed their warning growls.   After night falls, Asha and Kael emerge from the shadows to patrol the temple grounds. Their piercing yellow eyes reflect the moonlight as they encircle the ancient stone walls. The Pack Guides often meditate nearby, communing spiritually with the wolves who prowl just outside. This vigil continues until dawn, when Asha and Kael retreat into the forest to rest.   Thanks to these devoted guardians, the Temple of the Wolfborn remains protected, allowing the Pack Guides to carry out their faith in service to Asha and Kael without fear of outside forces. The wolves Asha and Kael have become part of the living spirit of the temple itself.  


The Temple of the Wolfborn was first established over 500 years ago, when the Path of the Wolfborn arose as the main religion in the kingdom of Almaros. As worship of the wolf gods Asha and Kael spread, the first Pack Guides felt called to build a sacred space to honor the divine wolf spirits.   According to legend, the Pack Guides communed with Asha and Kael to determine the ideal location for the temple. The gods led them to the cliffs of Figan Island, which was said to be where Asha and Kael first appeared in physical form.   Construction of the temple began in the year 341 and took over a decade to complete. Craftsmen and laborers from across the kingdom contributed their skills and hard work to build the elaborate stone and timber structure. Once finished, the Pack Guides consecrated the temple and began leading regular rituals and ceremonies.   Over the centuries, the Temple of the Wolfborn has endured periods of both prosperity and hardship. During times of strife, faithful followers would make pilgrimages to the temple to beseech Asha and Kael for protection and guidance. Even when neglected, the temple remained standing, a testament to the wolf gods who watch over it.


The Pilgrimage of the Wolf is a sacred journey undertaken by devoted followers of the Path of the Wolfborn. When a member of the faith feels called to make the pilgrimage, they depart their home and set out on the long, winding trail that leads to Figan Island and the Temple of the Wolfborn.   Pilgrims travel light with only the essentials, wearing humble robes and walking staffs. Along the way, they camp under the stars and survive on meager provisions. Hardship and discomfort is considered part of the purification process.   When the rocky shores of Figan Island finally come into view, pilgrims are said to feel the presence of Asha and Kael guiding them. They make their way up the cliffs towards the temple, eventually reaching the weathered stone steps leading up to the entrance. Other pilgrims and Pack Guides waiting there greet them with hands clasped in welcome.   Inside the temple, the pilgrims kneel before the altar and offer sincere prayers and thanks to the wolf gods. Many leave gifts of flowers, incense, or their walking staffs. In return, they receive a blessing from the Pack Guide elder.   Before departing, the pilgrims will gather on the cliffs behind the temple on the night of the full moon. Beneath its soft glow, they raise their voices to join the Pack Guides in a ceremonial howl, giving voice to the spirit of the wolf. The eerie yet soul-stirring chorus rings out over the sea below.   Fulfilled by their journey, the pilgrims begin the long walk home, changed forever by their pilgrimage to the sacred Temple of the Wolfborn.
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