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Crown Grove

The meeting place for the Fae Court's various minor Courts, the Crown Grove is a powerful collection of trees grown into a singular palace for the Fae High Queen.

Upon the finest soil in the Realm are the regal budlings planted, one each generation taken from the High Queen and Sacrificial King. The Crown Grove is the home of Selyka's own tree, those of her foremothers, and her daughter the Princess Astrea. While a few of her foremothers ceased growing centuries prior, those Queenly trees still searching for the sun continue to grow around and absorb them, until the entire copse of trees is one primordially massive symbiotic giant flora.

Sit on the Crown's Throne, and the wisdom of elder Queens will make itself known... unless you're not their daughter. In which case? I hope you run rather speedily to the exit and or have the ability to fly.

"Fae gonna eat you up and spit you out, eh?"
— Karisma Calebdottir

If the songbirds and raptors don't peck you to pieces first. The Fae do not mince when it comes to the safety of their sage-Queens or any other monarch.

Purpose / Function

All monarchs require pageantry, and the Fae are infinitely taken with such things. Thus, the Crown Grove continues to grow more grand every generation, with architecture far more refined at the budding of Queen Selyka than any previous Queens. While a reflection of their regnal time, each grown wing of the Crown Grove is symbol and spur to prod the next generation toward a worthiness which might if done correctly, wake the Green Man up.


The first sprouts of the Green Man drifted along the wind caused by his laughter. A great bursting guffaw it was, sending out the royal sprouts like dandelions on the breeze. These first seeds wafted so far from the Green Man's tree most Fae believe they would never find their progenitor again.
"That's silly. The Fae love birds, what, birds can't fly above the trees and find him again? Can't be that hard to find such a big tree in the middle of the Fae Lands. I bet! I bet Icarus could make them drones!"
— Karisma Calebdottir
Birds have lifespans, they need food. Drones also need fuel. The distance is too vast.
"The distance is too vast... translation. Nobody made the trip."
— Karisma Calebdottir
You try going through the Silent Forest.
"Ooooff. Checkmate."
— Karisma Calebdottir
What, that's all it took? By my pages and quills, I'd have told you this tale before.
Founding Date
The Beginning of Time
Alternative Names
The Crown, Mother Monarch
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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