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The Faerie Folk, who control Inter-Realm Travel through Finnegan's Doors

Not all sapient species in the Realms are fauna. While ubiquitous, this fundamental truth is oft a struggle for the Human of Midgard to rectify. When one is to discuss the Fae, what humanocentric minds must understand with adamance is thus:

The Fae were here first. Other than some peculiar outliers of the Creatrix' invention (see Aphrodite Venus Ourania & Makosh), the Fae known as the Green Man was the first sapient creation.

Theorists like to say the Flora in all Realms stemmed from the Green Man, whether Midgard, Ásgard, Hellas or Takamagahara. This theory was one of the complex reasons behind The Mystic War, which the Fae Court entered from its first altercation.

— Karisma Calebdottir
So what?
"Did all the plants come from the Green Man? Is it true?"
— Karisma Calebdottir
Technically, all plants evolved from single celled organisms, which... as your eyes are glazing over I'll get to the point. All Fae from the mighty Oaks and Sequoia to the dandelions scattered in the grass trace their lineage back to the Green Man and his early antics. It's true. And there are plenty of Fae who believe that fact alone is enough for the Fae to rule or control all sapient life in the Realms.

Basic Information


See: Plants.  Once a Fae is mature enough, they can develop an ambulatory body to aide in the dealing with Fauna or in going to Court.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dictated by flora type, some Fae like the mighty Sequoia, take centuries to mature. Others, like violets, tulips and lily of the valley are fleeting little wonders, who sprout, grow and bother about with as much mischief as possible in their short lifespan. Those Fae known for pixie-ish behaviours tend to be the wildflowers, the perrenials, the annuals

Ecology and Habitats

The older Fae, trees of age with stature are protected by the natural ring-like growth of Fae generations hemming in the older with the young. Once in a while, when a great tree falls, it's a chance for other minor Fae to reach for the sun, and for the various Fae Courts to attempt plays for control. Some of this behaviour has created the various Seelie, UnSeelie, Fae & Changeling Courts, all of whom are presided over by the High Fae Court and Queen Selyka.  

Over eons, the Fae Lands radiated outward into vast tracts of forests, with older and older layers becoming wild places, with unkempt roots and wicked spirits. None have traced through expeditions to the central rings in centuries, and few believe such things to be impossible. 

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fertilizer is the best diet aside from the necessity of clean water. As macabre as it sounds, the best fertilizer is the dead fauna buried under their roots or in the growing fields. 

Yes, Fae eventually eat people. This seems to them, at least, a decent trade off for their having bits and bobs of fruit and veg lobbed off and consumed. 

Biological Cycle

From seed to bud, to budling or sprout, each species of plant has its Fae which it mirrors. Development time is dependent on the type of Fae and its' average lifespan. A primrose might blossom and become a mischievous little sprite in a single morning, while a mighty oak might take several centuries to gain enough nourishment and stability to inhabit a humanoid or dryadic form.  While those tiny flower pixies last only days tops, making merry with the short life they're given, larger and longer lived Fae continue to grow and mature in power the older and more nourished they get.


Minor Fae, those who descend from flowers, and other such shorter lived plants, tend to be tiny and mischievous. Pixie-like and given to playing tricks, poking fun and making as much as hedonistically possible of their short lifespan. These Fae tend to need caring (or herding), to avoid massive amounts of property or personal damage. 

Fae with longer lifespans, all of which are perennials or bushes & trees, lead a slower and more thoughtful existence, where they keep from boredom by being overly taken with matters of politics, patronages of Changeling families, and discussions on the travel of the Realms. Dignified and wise, but also given to the same capricious magic as their diminutive cousins, the higher Fae tend to be the only ones who interact with Realms outside the Fae Lands.

A giant ancient tree, with twin suns in the background.

The Green Man

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The Fae possess ancient and fierce nature magic. Intrinsic and potent, the Fae can cause plants to grow or wither, shift the weather, find and call upon water, heal, rejuvenate or destroy. Their magic potential correlates to their age. Minor Fae have cosmetic blips of magic, the High Fae and mighty trees can do wonders which astound.

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