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Silent Forest

Predators walking in the wood cause silence in most prey. Quiet, hush now. Shhh.   This is what I've come to know in my eons. Anytime an alpha predator sneaks around a forest, the fauna either cower, bolt or crumble. The Silent Forest is the prison of the Fae Court, their place for predators to co-exist in eternal confounded mystery, cloaked by the shifting null pattern of the local flora. Few fauna exist in the Silent Forest for long, their bodies turned into fertilizer by the maddening lack of noise.    Predators which live in a forest of silence, confounded on how to hunt without noise, drift between docility and insanity.


A constantly shifting plateau, the Silent Forest is impossible to map as it never remains in a state of equilibrium or stasis. Each entry is a new experience, a shifting challenge for the prisoners and unfortunate seed animals which make up its denizens.


The Silent Forest is a coniferous biome, which appears on the edge of the eye. A collection of disquiet, the forest grows within an ache. Wildlife survives in silence, the trees unkempt and gnarled. Rebuked into churning endlessly to keep the prisoners inside.

Localized Phenomena


The Forest hushes into a gasped breath held between quaking teeth. Scant as they are, no animals vocalize in the Silent Forest for one specific reason: the same way a predator stalks the wood, and birds and all manner of creatures hide in nest and burrow, so it is with the Silent Wood.

Predators belong in its tangled mess of ever shifting bristles and vines, for this is the prison of the Fae and Seelie and Pixie Courts. This, their forgotten place, no map existing. No release endured for those whose mischief brought them there, scream dulled by the uncanny silence.

It’s better than death, right?


Surprisingly temperate, the Silent Forest follows the seasonal pattern of the Northern Hemisphere.

Natural Resources

Sunlight, water, soil, loam & rock.


As with most stories concerning Fae history, this one too starts with Finnegan and a Queen whose name was lost to the past. Rebellion seemed to be the perpetual state of the Fae in those days, raucous and lacking any form of discipline until the tempestuous bastards seeded too many Realms. 


On the wake of the Fae excursions, the Queen ventured to Finnegan in an attempt to create a place of holding, where those mischief makers and rebels could be kept. Turned into beneficial spirits through another type of service. 


In modern times, Queen Selyka makes use of the nigh forgotten Silent Forest to hold any Fae who reached their third Truce Strike. 


None dare visit the Prison of the Fae. One who enters will not come out alive.
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Forest of Woes, The Quiet Place
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Green energy surrounding a man chained to brown rocks


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